Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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IC: "you get caught i'll personally make sure every one of those bastards have their head ripped off" i growl "just be careful alright?"
Recap required.
Well, the only recap I can give you is that I'm joining in the RP.
Recap required.
Cynthia can walk again, Dante isn't dieing anymore. Terance and Alicia had blackscreen, Sam and Tari had blackscreen, Cynthia and Dante had blackscreen and Cynthia is gonna be pregnant. We are about ready to go to a mission that involves Zerg and Protoss. Zaros is at a meeting between Solaris Consortium people, Protoss and Dominion. Zack I'm guessing might be staying in the Academy? A few new people have arrived. Snow stole the master code without know one knowing... And Zaros is gonna kill Cynthia and Dante.

IC: I say a few simple words to Dante. "Don't make a promise you can't keep." ... "No promises."
Did some sort of mating ritual occur, or was the school water supply flooded with love potion?
Did some sort of mating ritual occur, or was the school water supply flooded with love potion?
Hmm.... No. It was legit, only Cynthia may have been incredibly lonely when she did it... wasn't thinking straight maybe and now she's hooked pretty much.
Uh... let us see, and according to SF she may have been horny.
03/23/2013 06:56 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Cynthia is gonna be pregnant.

wow wow wow wait what!!! i did not sign up for this XD
school water supply flooded with love poti

Wait a minute...

New idea. Potential for hilarity extreme... must experiment.
OOC: Great... I have to wait on Beowulf before I can actually get in the RP.
OOC: Luma, just wait until joker is on. He will help you.
OCC: Luma, the guard is speaking to you. Beowulf is following him.

The Guard turns, and notes something shining in the distance. He walks over to what was shining, and discovers that it is a downed Phoenix. He walks closer to it, and discovers the Protoss working on it. He approaches him, and says "Need some help?"

And Darkra, that's what you get for not using protection while you have your fun. That, and leaving your character in CR's hands tends to end badly for the character.
New idea. Potential for hilarity extreme... must experiment.
Mother of god...

wow wow wow wait what!!! i did not sign up for this XD
Yes you did, you put your life in my hands when you had to leave that night. XD
OOC: Ok, cooking up a batch of popcorn for just this scene between Crym and Darkra. *Munch munch*
OOC: Ok, cooking up a batch of popcorn for just this scene between Crym and Darkra. *Munch munch*

that's after the mission XD

IC: "just try your best. Should we go sit down?"
"I have to try my best anyway... And you may sit but I'm going to stand, this is pertaining to me but not everyone else." I say.
IC: "alright. I'll see you later" i say before letting go of her hand and kissing her on the forehead. I grab a seat beside Sam and sit down
At long last, the masterpiece was complete. It had taken awhile to synthesize a customized jam that met all necessary qualities, and likewise securing a decent nut blend was not easy, but it was over. Nearly disabling the school's lights with glee, Entity Seven placed the sandwich on a convenient platter in the cafeteria.

Surely such an unassuming object would draw no attention. Its humble appearance would deceive would-be thieves. The culinary perfection, the mastery of artisanship that this sandwich represented was cloaked by its plain exterior as if it was sitting directly beneath a friendly mothership.

Now to send the fateful message. Seven's mastery of the Academy's security system had alerted him to her conjugal meeting with the entity Dante the previous night, and the program knew that fatigue (which typically resulted from such meetings) often served to enhance appreciation of decent food. Hopefully she was not too busy to retrieve the sandwich... Entity Seven could hardly be expected to deliver it to her. And once she tasted the unexplainably amazing flavor, she would be so overhwhelmed that she would never ask Seven to make another sandwich, so great would be her fear of dependency.


Of course, it was important not to convey how lethal this sandwich's sublime texture would be, lest she suspect the program's ultimate plan to escape lunch-making duties. It would have to be a casual, unhurried, noncommital message.

Mistress Cynthia, your lunch is ready. You may retrieve it when ready.

Meanwhile, a more boring person in a more boring situation:

Dhiram wandered the halls. He had avoided the other students during the party, and was now assured of his wisdom in doing so. The other students had immediately retired after the party... and few retired alone.

Dhiram would not allow another person, particularly a genetic impure, to gain a hold over him.
OOC: ah, ok. Btw, Prob gonna be the only post for now. On my phone.

IC: I see the approaching guard offer me help. "Thanks, I could use some help."
KO, you need to get to the command room by the way.

IC: I pull out the PDA as I got the message and found out it was from Seven.
Seven, I am very sorry but we have a
mission that we are going to be going to soon and
I wont have the time to pick it up.

OOC: I'm still worried about the jam though...
Dhiram slunk into the command room, not eager to be thought of as tardy. He had been delayed by self-maintenance.
Seven cursed mentally as only an omnipotent AI can, blowing several fuses in various locations around the Academy. Composing itself, it prepared a reply.
Understood, mistress Cynthia.

Also, I would like to remind you of the capabilities of the medical facilities.

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