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when ive got a bunch of MM and i have medivac on a different hotgroup, i have to move the medivacs over the MM ball before i stop or attack move so that they heal all the units. if the units are spread out and my medivacs attack move to heal, they will all hold over the closest injured unit and not continue moving to heal the others. so like they will all be sitting around waiting for one medivac to heal one marine. fix plz?
if someone wants to word that better, by all means ^_^
The 'fix' is to micro your Medivacs and or MM. You could try attack-moving your Medivacs onto the Marines that are closer to the center of the group instead of on the edge, though I'm unsure how effective that would be.
nah what i mean is, say i've got a line of marines stretching from left of screen to right of screen, all of which have just stimmed. if i get a bunch of medivacs to the left and attack move them to the right, they will stop at the first marine and just sit around.
just have your mmm ball hotkeyed all together and have 2 be just your medivacs 3 vikings etc
i dont think you guys are getting it :P
OP apparently has his medivacs grouped up to one hotkey. In order to have the medivac auto follow he has them following a unit in the mm group. He's annoyed that they hover around that one unit limiting the heals to that unit and units that are nearby which makes it so that other units out of this range are never healed. He wants to fix that about it?
guise its rly annoying, i put my seej tanks on move command on one of my rines, but when the rine stops to shoot, THE TANKS DOESNT SEEJ. WTF GUISE. blizz patch this asap
God everyone is stupid here.

What OP is saying, is that the medivac A.I. will not move onto another proper target to heal until the nearest injured unit has been healed.

If there are 5 medivacs and 5 injured marines, 1 medivac will heal the nearest marine while 4 medivacs sit and wait until the nearest marine is healed.

This only happens when the next proper target is a certain distance too far from the waiting medivac. How far that distance is escapes me for I have not tested it myself.

While it is annoying, you can try to move your medivacs to the middle of your bio army to maximize the number of targets the medivacs have access to.
Exactly fluffy! Thanks for helping me explain it ;)

It's annoying and should be an easy fix.
Patrol move the medivacs over your army. It's an extra bit of micro, but it should spread them out over the army better, and then they will turn around for another pass.
I have this problem, especially on Daybreak when you move out to his tower from your base and all the Medivacs will fly straight there while the bio walks around the map. Lol I used to lose Medivacs a lot with this and I hated babysitting my army on route.

What I do is I put one Medivac on attack command on a unit near the front of my army, then I put the rest of the Medivacs on follow command on that one Medivac. This way if I get into an engagement, the other Medivacs kinda spread out and auto heal still.

It would be really cool if Medivacs had a follow or guard button tho but until then, this works.

Another option if you have Vikings is to have the Viking on follow mode on a unit in your ground army and put the Medivacs to follow on the Viking.

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