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Please excuse my bad grammer, english isn't even my second language.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do I say this is how you definitively play mech. It can always improve and I could be wrong in many areas. This is however what works for me at a grandmaster level.

Hello everyone this is HTOMario and I am a Terran Mech player at Grandmaster in heart of the swarm. I want to share with you my secrets.

I know bio works really well however I have always loved the positional fights that come with mech. In this guide I use a lot of widow mines, turrets and siege tanks for control of ground and sky. I'll try to help you learn how to control it, when to control it and where to control it.
How To: Micro

Positioning positioning!

1. TvZ

Control the map and defend like a mad man. How do you position properly you may ask? I'll show you. Start producing widow mines / siege tanks and vikings. You want your engineering bay at the 9 minute mark and position your tanks properly with missile turrets and widow mines near them. This helps keep zerg at max range when any engagement is going. Your aim here is to control space and make sure you can take a 4th base as you really need the gass for it. [/spoiler]


From here on you want to still take your expansion and place 1 siege tank and 2 widow mines near your third to help hold aggression. It's best to place it near a turret or an access point so you can see the attack coming early on. I went for the access point on this map.


These types of controls help stop overseers and vipers from coming in, combine this with +1 range on missile turrets a few siege tanks and widow mines and suddenly you are looking very very contained. If you look at the map you can see I'm attacking his third while holding the entire middle with 5-6 turrets, 5 siege tanks 12 widow mines. If he moves I won't only know, I'll have some form of a resistance.


An important thing to note is that you can't just have your whole army controlling the map, you need a squad that can not only push sections but help defend others. You have to decide where it's best used.


Rally units coming out of the factory together and near the contains however not too far from your base so you can defend in many situations. The farther you are from your reinforcements the easier it is to break you, however the closer you are the more you have to struggle to recover ground as he just pushed past your reinforcements. Keep an even distance between you are containing, your factories and where your units are sent to.


Using your barracks to make tech labs at any place you aren't planning on expanding is great to see if the zerg does. It's also great to use it on the zergs expansions so you can see the timings.


A great example of map control, widow mine on expansions, randomly placed around map to provide vision and block access paths, missile turrets with tanks mines and 2 watch towers in middle, vikings accompanying and expanding in opposite directions to force the zerg to choose a side to attack while the other prospers.

2. TvT

3. TvP

How To: Building Placement
How To: Macro

How To: Scouting

Being able to get something, anything to scout out if he has an extra base or if he's producing drones / getting more orbitals. This allows you to get a sense for when an attack is coming. is he playing greedy? So can I. It pays to have a medivac flying around, a reaper or scv patrolling the map constantly looking. You ALWAYS want to be finding out his next move and then make judgement calls on that.





With the build order we can transition very safely into any kind of defense, weather it be siege tank marine to stop gateway pushes, or marine widow mine to stop air pushes this build can produce them all. One of the problems players face is the blink stalker all in or the immortal bust. Here is how we can stop the various cheeses.

A) The Dark templar rush. Since we have walled off you can hold energy at 6:45 to decide on if you think it's a templar rush or not. If you do think so simply drop an engineering bay and tech lab on the stargate. Once you see the dark templar just scan to scare it away with a scan while he attacks your wall and proceed to build detection.

B) The blink stalker Rush. We already have a reactor for marines and this helps greatly. From here all we need to do is produce marine, tank and medivac. This will make you completely safe near your production facilities. It's very handy that we already make these near our mineral lines. Once you've confirmed that it's blink stalker put down 2 more bunkers inside your base. 1 near your mineral line 1 near your production. Making it even harder for him to do any damage.
From here you simply produce marine tank and get an extra barracks for stim. Once stim has finished feel free to base race him, take 1/2 your workers and walk up to him with marine tank medivac scv. This should simply steam roll him with the amount of units you have. If he decides to base race just lift your buildings to a corner and you will win. Do try to produce a single raven though in case he turns this into a dark templar contain.

C) The 4 gate, just lower your supply depo's and surround your bunker with scvs to repair. This really just is a free win if scouted right. Feel free to throw down another bunker in base if you are worried.

D) The immortal push. With the bunker at the front we just place 2 bunkers further in the base to cover the ramp but can't be hit from the bottem. From here just produce units and send out drops to attack his main with a widow mine or a few marines.
E) The oracle rush. If you suspect an oracle rush you will have plenty of marines to deal with it. Just keep 1 in the bunker and chase the oracle until your widow mine finishes on time. If you're worried drop a bunker near your mineral line and voila you're safe. If you notice that he's hording oracles produce vikings as well while teching to a thor. A single one will make you very very safe.

How To: Attacking

1. TvZ

2. TvT

3. TvP

Securing the kill:

The best way to secure the kill in all of the matchups is to transition to sky terran. We do this initially by trying to get to 3 starports. We want a total of 2 tech labs and 1 reactor. This allows us to produce cloak banshee, raven or battlecruisers.

If they aren't expecting banshee it will flat out allow you to push him way back given lack of detection.

A good example would be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc0sarlRCZw&list=UUZ8D7Qvm0YHm0vZKFl-AFdA&index=1

With the raven transition we focus heavily on hunter seeker missiles, the splash combines with our already splash heavy army can be detrimental to any race, the point defense drones can stop hydras, corrupters, locusts, stalkers, marauders, vikings. Just a lot of options to use the raven.

The battlecruiser is a massive damage absorb, it has 400 hit points and way more effective at tanking immortal shots then anything! Just kidding... Archons don't do so well against them, stalkers take a lot to take one down and frankly having 3-4 doesn't hurt.
How To: Build Orders

1. TvZ

2. TvT

3. TvP

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJaXLIZmmxA The build order

The TvP early game is all about the right opener, you want an opener that is diverse. You wish to be able to attack and defend anything with the proper scouting. For this reason we've chosen the 1-1-1 with some variations. The builder order is below.

How To: Map Control:

1. TvZ

2. TvT

3. TvP
How To: Unit Composition:

1. TvZ

Hydra / Roach / Viper < Widow mine, few hellbat, siege tank, viking, medivac.
Baneling / zergling / Roach < Hellbat, few widow mine, siege tank, medivac.
Swarm host + < Hellbat, few widow mine, siege tank, medivac, raven, few banshees.
Ultralisk + < Hellbat, widow mine, few siege tank, thor, medivac.
Hydralisk + < Widow mine, few hellbat, siege tank, raven, medivac.
Broodlord / infestor < Hellbat, siege tank, thor, raven, viking, medivac.

2. TvT

Marine / Marauder / Medivac < Hellbat, siege tank, few thor, few vikings, medivac, few widow mines.
Marine / Tank / Medivac < Hellbat, siege tank, few mines, few thor, medivac, raven, few viking.
Siege tank / Hellion / Thor < Widow mines, siege tank, few hellbat, raven, medivac.
Siege tank / Hellion / Viking / Raven / Banshee < few hellbat, widow mine, siege tank, few thor, raven, viking.
Siege tank / Hellion / Thor / Viking / Raven / Banshee < few hellbat, widow mine, siege tank, few thor, raven, viking.

3. TvP

Immortal / Archon < Ghost, hellbat, medivac, thor, siege tank.
Zealot / immortal < Banshee, ghost, hellbat, medivac.
Pure gateway < Widow mine, hellbat, siege tank
Gateway HT < Hellbat, ghost, thor, medivac, 3 siege tanks.
Voidray < Widow mine, thor, few hellbats.
Tempest < Raven, thor, viking, widow mine.
Tempest HT < Raven, thor, viking, ghost, widow mine.
Carrier < Widow mine, thor, viking, raven.
Carrier HT < Thor viking, ghost, widow mine.

How To: Harass

Harass is it necessary? NO! but it sure as hell helps! Some opponents will just crumble to your harass and to be honest mech is immobile. So how do we decide which harass to do? We follow some simple rules.

1. TvZ

Does he have detection? > No > Widow mine drop / Cloak banshee
Does he have detection? > Yes > hellion poke / drop / Raven harass
Does he have mutalisks? > Yes > Hellion poke / Widow mine drop when he's harassing you.
Does he have mutalisks? > No > place raven near third to hunter seeker workers every so often
Does he have a third? > Yes > Hellion poke / drop

2. TvT

Does he have detection? > No > Widow mine drop / Cloak banshee
Does he have detection? > Yes > hellion poke / drop
Does he have air control? > Yes > Hellion runs
Does he have a third? > Yes > Hellion poke / drop

3. TvP

Does he have detection? > No > Widow mine drop / Cloak banshee
Does he have detection? > Yes > hellion poke / drop / Raven harass
Does he have a stargate? > Yes > Hellion drop / Widow mine drop
Does he have a third? > Yes > Hellion poke / drop, Does he have a stargate? No > place raven near third to hunter seeker workers every so often
Video Guides:

1. TvZ
Macro games:

2. TvT

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjuQdheGW4A What not to do 1/2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7165I9a9Io What not to do 2/2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekOxRnCO7kc Macro game

3. TvP

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJaXLIZmmxA The build order
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsm6rZ3dk5c Scouting the cheese
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_ZSndFAX9w Macro

General tips:

On 4 bases you want 6-8 factories with an even number of reactors / tech labs.

Once you smell broodlords or you scan near the 16 minute mark you should be working towards 3 starports with 2 tech labs 1 reactor.

The barracks rally, a lot of times if you try to send a worker back from the mineral line and you have a marine rallied to attack the rocks, the worker can get stuck and not accept it's orders. This is worse when you tell it to build something after it's current construction. This is why I rally my barracks to move further down the ramp then attack the rocks.


Air defense and warp prism defense can be a game breaker. Many protoss try to delay mech or split it's army, kill it's production while it's out by the use of warp prisms. Missile turret rings are great at stopping this.


You want to keep 2 missile turrets at expansions you can't always defend. Dark templar can snipe 1 pretty easily but 2 takes a lot more focus / units and gives you more time to respond.


Keep proxy pylons away from your base, or scout them in advance.


Upon spotting stargates with your reaper you must always drop an engineering bay a.s.a.p. and start producing widow mines while placing them in proper positions. 3 turrets total should cover you well. 1 in each mineral line and 1 near productions help stop void ray all ins. You can also take out 3 workers from gas since widow mines are not as gas intensive.


Barracks can be key scouting units when playing greedy.


If you know the attack or all in is coming, pre position scvs and bunkers.


Stationary defenses should always be placed in a way where it will be cost effective for you if the enemy engaged.


Keeping widow mines at expansions not only forces a detector there but it delays the expo and gives you the knowledge that it is going down.


EMP Everything


Even if you win the fight and have a decent size of army left, you need a buffer. Sometimes you must pull back to build them and then re attack with your army.


Don't forget that every unit can harass


****Always be cost effective****


Barracks can be key scouting units when playing greedy.


keep an eye on the first expansion


If you know the attack or all in is coming, pre position scvs and bunkers.

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