I'm Not Dead!

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Well I'll be damned.... he's dead again.
And they're dead again. Time to bring out the shovel.
Hmm... I remember every time we had Jake's funeral... He would come back like that asking why we were burying him.
He's unavailable until he gets his copy of HotS. Much like Drac.
Buried both of 'em. Along with NickDaMan, Infinity, Martiny, Vultureling, Fluppuple, Pikachu, the-man-who-writes-a-wall-of-text-every-post, wfawwer, RedOctober, Heaven, ace...

Now I need some holy water over their graves so they don't rise from the dead.
"Is 'the-man-who-writes-a-wall-of-text-every-post' Avikon?"
"Is 'the-man-who-writes-a-wall-of-text-every-post' Avikon?"
No, that's TheCommander.
Smylez stands back and whips sweat from his face, the rain has caused his pile of dirt over the bodies to become mush. I send my arm out of the ground and grab his leg. I pull myself up.

"Why You bury me boy!?"
Ace was Cremated.
With Acid.
I saw to that myself before my disappearance.
"Why You bury me boy!?"

Must have missed this one. Off with ye foul beast!

*Brings the mighty shovel down on RedOctober's head, burying him back in the ground*

All in a day's work.
I am doing a very critical job in that I am preventing these zombies from rising up again. Now back off before one of them drags you under.
My my my...
If you two don't stop fighting I'll have to rip apart the both of you! :D
That's cow manure genius.

My my my...
If you two don't stop fighting I'll have to rip apart the both of you! :D

I'm not fighting. I'm doing my job as a cemetery caretaker.
A .45 caliber round takes off Nuke's arm. "Stop grabbin' people. It's rather rude."
*My head tilts to the side, a sadistic smile on my face. My teeth, sharp as knives, glinted in the moonlight.* Rule one of a Changeling, mon ami. Never have one of my limbs in your direction~
*The skin in my forearm rippled as my Radius and Ulna shot out, forming a large blade that nicked the side of Nukester(Raynor?)'s helmet.*
Rule two? Never make a move that can be mistaken as an attempt for containment... that's just a bad idea~

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