I'm Not Dead!

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Xer finds himself spitted on a spear and then thrown into my realm of fire. "Never...call me a newb."

Exactly why.

Zarkun did you read the part where I was saying I "thought" Because I didn't see your name (Wasn't really paying attention)?
"Yes. You shall still pay penance."

Vultureling is not dead. I have recieved a report that his Battle.net account is inaccessible at the time.

This thread is not to die in the mean time and I will give updates whenever I myself am updated.

Thank you and good night.
Forgot to mention immediately after making that post I got on a flight to New Zealand. ^_^
This one ain't dead either! Just indisposed of. :3
*I whisper into Smylez's ear about Holy Water*
Buried both of 'em. Along with NickDaMan, Infinity, Martiny, Vultureling, Fluppuple, Pikachu, the-man-who-writes-a-wall-of-text-every-post, wfawwer, RedOctober, Heaven, ace...

Now I need some holy water over their graves so they don't rise from the dead.

Can't a man rest for a few hours without being declared dead and buried?
*Stabs Nukester in the chest with Psi-Blades, spins around him, slits his neck, and lets the body fall to the ground*

"Looks like we shall be needing that grave after all."
So this is now a post for fighting zombie posters... oh joy....
I look at Nick with a stupid grin. Soon saliva starts dripping from my mouth, then human blood, then Protoss blood, and then Nick.
I smack SF upside the head with the grip of my pistol. "Knock off your fantasizing." Two shots into a zombie and it falls back into it's grave. "We've a job to do."
I'm still not dead! Back from Colorado.

"Try reviving a Vultureling on nothing but Creepshakes, it'll work great!" you said.
"Don't worry, Creep is all he needs!" you said.
"Can you even be killed?"

He's like... immortal.
After the 10th force-fed Creepshake, I kinda got sleepy.
"So, what if I gave you...a creepsteak?" I offer Vultureling a Creepsteak.
Nomnomnom Creepsteak.
*Hands Vultureling a Creep-Beer Float as well*

Offers Vultureling a regular steak.

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