TvP - Marine, Marauder, Ghost?

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How well does this hold up in HotS?

Is it better to go Marine, WM, Medivac as a general strat? What about the classic Marine, Tank, Viking for Colossus play?

Edit: As an aside, I am aware that you need to tailor your comp to what the enemy is doing, I'm just trying to get an idea for what comps remain viable.
The Terran late game against protoss doesn't change much except the phasing out of marines if your resources permit it.

Once you get on 3+ mining bases you want to transition into marauder/ghost on the ground plus viking and medivacs obviously. If you manage to snipe his observers you can wipe his entire army with a couple of ghosts if you don't get hit by storms.
Same as wings you want mmm viking ghost. The later the game goes the more marine heavy you will want to be as chargelots live all day. Be more active with drops if you can the boost is extremely useful early on in the game
hellbats are good vs zealot heavy comps
the later the game goes the more marine heavy you will want to be as chargelots live all day.

Aren't ghosts better if you can afford them? Sure they're harder to micro, and they're not very cost efficient. But against a late game army composition from protoss I think you should aim to replace those squishy marines.
Yes ghosts are very good. MMM viking ghost is the comp you want but your marine to marauder ratio will want to favor more marine later on as oppose to marauders to get through zlots.

Not sure how mixing in hellbats or mines go but if it did work out well to kill zlots you wouldent need to be as marine crazy

Still will need lots of vikings and ghosts for colosus and templar....archons...etc.
I've been having success with Hellbats and Marauders, Hellbats for the Zealots and Marauders for the Stalkers. Then I'll go with Viking or Thor depending on what they're building. I find that Hellbats and Marauders stand up to Colossi a lot better then Marines. I'm only silver league though, so, well that's my two cents at least.

I probably should start trying to mix in Ghosts, they are just a hard unit to manage. Personally, I don't feel like Widow mines do enough damage to Protoss, especially with their shields. I prefer WM against Zerg or Terran, especially Zerg.
I have been using marine, hellbat, ghost, marauder, medivac with very few vikings.

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