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Set at a point in time long ago. The exact point is your choice. You will be RPing an event (Something significant enough to remember thousands of years later), be it canon lore or not. Events can be no earlier than the end of WoL (My knowledge ends there, have not played newfangled campaign). Please tell the event, canon lore (if there is any), and any other references (books, this website, other Rps, etc). If all goes well, we'll be crosschecking somewhere every 10 seconds.

After selecting your time and describing it, we're going to write the history books (over a LONG time). How will the stories change as different races/cultures get a hold of them? One race's horror story may be another's nursery rhyme may be another's ancient book in a dusty library, etc. Malicious changes are allowed, but they MUST be for a GOOD reason.

The so-called "winner" is the one who's history has changed either the least, or has evolved into something greater. If yours inspires a group of rebels to keep fighting more day, or it corrupts a nation, it's done something. Don't let it die.

Players will also control key figures throughout time and space. If you're using, say, Kerrigan, stick to her canon personality (no, she cannot suddenly want to save every Protoss nursery rhyme just because that's your story).

Good luck, and I'll have an example "soon". Expect rule changes to make things easier.

P.S: Making important characters is fine. Killing canon characters is fine. Telling stories from different points of view is good as well.

"First Contact

Humanity first learned that it was not alone in the universe when a gleaming fleet of protoss warships emerged over the Confederate planet of Chau Sara and incinerated its surface without warning.
On Chau Sara’s sister planet, Mar Sara, Marshal Jim Raynor found evidence of a second alien presence. Attacks broke out across the planet, and it took the Sons of Korhal to mount any kind of organized resistance to the aliens, which had now become known as the zerg.
Jim Raynor and the rebels evacuated as many people as possible from Mar Sara before the mysterious protoss fleet reappeared and incinerated the planet."

Zerg - Xe'Ka, a Queen with opinions
" First Contact^2

Humanity first became aware of other race's existence when the Xel'Naga tryhards eradicated the "lesser species" in a routine sweep of the solar system. Observers had been there for thousands of years, but the psychic humans had only seen them as "ghosts". The humans became very scared and started killing both races before any hope of assimilation was possible."
Aaand now I get to wait.
I want what Tassadar does in his spare time.
What Tassadar has ever done at anytime and ever will do.
I want a friggin' novelization of each day of his life and... whatever he is now.

Or did I misunderstand the thread?
Then get writing.

You could start it, then do the usual changes overtime also influenced by his behavior at the time of changing. It would be being written AND changed all at once.
Oh, I have to do it.
Well... In that case.

I might have something for you in a little bit.
Keep in mind, I'm very unreliable.

Okay, here we go: I made it on the moment's notice, please excuse any mistakes.

Assault on Mengsk's Palace - Odin's Fall

Silence. For the first time Augustgrad had been rebuilt, all was quite. Unless you count the occasional *BOOM* of various Terran ordnance, or a Zerg drop-pod slithering toward the ground, not a single thing made a noise.
It unnerved Johan.
"Sarge, when do you reckon we move out?" he asked.
The sergeant growled back at him "The Cap said we'd know when."
Johan shifted uneasily in his CMC armor.
His squad was assigned to guard a section of highway that went halfway through the city. They've had no Zerg encounters so far.

The highway's infrastructure began to shake beneath them.
"Ultralisk!" was the panicked cry of one of his squad mates. Johan spun around, guass rifle ready, expecting to see his death.
He was confronted by something much different.
At first he thought one of the skyscrapers had come to life, then he noticed it sported massive guns.
For the first time Johan heard his Sarge speak in a tone that wasn't laced with anger or bitter dissapointment. he sounded out of breath.
"By god..."
"It's the Odin!" another marine finished their sergeant's sentence, with a much greater deal of enthusiasm.
"If this don't whoop them Zerg, I dunno what will!"
The rest of his squad was cheering and shouting, as if they'd been saved. Johan wasn't quite sure of it himself.
Where the Odin was going, there was going to be a bloody battle.
And it was heading straight for them.
Past them, really. Johan turned around to see what dared to stand in the Odin's path.
At the far end of the bridge there were outlines of the Zerg monsters. He enhanced the image in his visor. Now he could make them out.
Oh no!
Johan saw Terran forces among them.
They're going to be slaughtered!
He continued to watch, unable to look away, but as seconds passed, he realized there was no fighting among them. Standing side-by-side were Marines and Roachs, Marauders and Hydralisk, Ultralisks and Thors.
Johan didn't know what to think. He turned around to look back at the Odin.
it was much closer now. As well as the small army of Golaiths that surrounded it.
This was going to be the fight of his life.

This confuses me, and yet it makes me more excited than any other RP ever has.

So we select a point of view, and write history in a certain time frame? This confuses me. Let me try to get this.

We select a point of view. From that point of view, we tell our history. Who actually writes the original history? Anyone? Do we just wing it?

Also: How about a revolution against one of the major Human/Terran powers? Would that be okay? Could I "control" a major revolutionary?
wing it?

Wing it.
Dacder,you can either wing it OR warp a canon story. Do whatever.

Keep calm and eat Creepshakes. Not drink, eat.
Excerpt from These Changes in History by Arthur Williams.

I was walking through the halls of New Cambridge when I couldn't help but notice it was an absolutely gorgeous day. I continued on, thinking it a sign from God about what we were about to do, me and several of the others in my class. Unbeknownst to the tyrant Anders, the Emperor of this sector, the lot of us, headed by Sir Andrews, the philosophy teacher here, had used this place to plot our revolution for some time now.

You see, many of us of the younger generation had tired of the current government, and longed for a change. We will not stop until we get it. We had, in our philosophy class; one of the few of it's kind in the empire, contemplated those wrongs done by Anders. We argued that theists shouldn't be persecuted, that the people should have freedom, and the teachings of the glorious age of 1750-2125 brought back into use. Our teacher had agreed, and eventually let all us students in on his dirty little secret.

The group was, at the time of my joining, about a thousand in number, and contained all of the finest philosophical minds of the age. I'm talking about the likes of Chambers, Scruffins, and Zedstrom. Andrews was at the head of it, and commandeered respect from me, with both his mind and his guts. Some of the plans were in play already, but the grand scheme of things had yet to be worked out. We read in books of a certain Guy !@#$es, who's attempt at overthrowing the government seemed effective. I have brought it up and several others agree.

Anyways, on to our meeting in the school I went, walking into the class to a torrent of "hellos'" and "Good days'", to which I replied in kind. I put some emphasis on my hello back to my dear friend, and the woman who I can only hope notices my sly attempts at courting, Miss Alice Richardson, who is perhaps the most beautiful woman in this day an age. Back to the meeting, however, we discussed means for taking out the emperor, thought we did not yet have any means to put any plans into action. We discussed a good hour or so, nothing particularly interesting, before finally something came up... [To be continued]

OOC: And would I have a second account, one of Anders's point of view? Or would it just be that one?
Experiments of Black Reach Pt. 1

Planet: Tartarus IV
Location: Black Reach science facility
Date: 2499, March 2, Thursday
Time: 8:31 PM

Morgan had just exited the dropship. He was now at the science facility Black Reach. His successful skills in biology had given him the opportunity for a job transfer, something he was grateful for, as his time as the old building had started to get droll.

He had been put to work right after the tour. He would be researching the xenomorphs the Confederacy had recently captured. Morgan had never seen these beings before, and wasn't surprised about the Confederacy not giving the public any knowledge of the xenomorphs, which they had started calling Zerg, after he had caught sight of them and what they could do. It was horrible, and Morgan knew that if the information was released, the public would majorly panic. But there was also something he had no knowledge of. The fact that the research was going to be put to use developing weapons and controlling the creatures to crush any rebellious attempt.

It wasn't until the next day that Morgan got to work. He observed the small hound-like creature called that was now called the Zergling. The little beast was ferocious. Whenever Morgan came anywhere near the glass it pounced at him. He was extremely grateful for the fact that it would be incapable of getting through, as the glass was reinforced with Neo-Steel and Iridium. The Neo-Steel lining was enough for the Zergling, but some of the larger creatures could bust right through, which resulted in a lot of deaths. So as such, both Neo-Steel and Iridium was used in the reinforcements.

Morgan had been studying the behaviors of the creature when suddenly wings were start to push out of its back. The process was somewhat slow, as it was still generating them, but it was still happening. Morgan immediately alerted the head, and found that scientists all over the facility was seeing the same changes in the Zergling. Something was guiding them, yet they didn't know what it was. But the answer was right inside one of the containment cells, giving off small bursts of gas to keep itself afloat, and constantly radiating Psionic energy. It had a tough time doing this, as it was all alone. It was the only specimen that lacked a name, for its function was unknown, but it would be found out soon enough. But soon enough would be too late.
Be back tomorrow.
Experiments of Black Reach Pt. 2

Planet: Tartarus IV
Location: Black Reach Science Facility
Date: 2499, March 3, Friday
Time: 1:00 PM

"A little bit of Ursadak steak, please." Morgan asked one of the kitchen workers at the cafeteria. After the fiasco that took place earlier that morning his lunch break was slightly postponed. Though after it he also had slightly smaller of an appetite.

"Here you go." A small juice filled steak was plopped down onto Morgan's plate as he progressed to the pick-up station.

Morgan had turned around and headed back down to the eating area. He saw a friend of his that was also brought over to Black Reach, Earl. He sat down right beside him. "So, what's your job as a chemist?" Morgan inquires of his friend in his low pitched voice that could get him pinned as a leader.

"Um, we kind of can't tell other projects what we are working on. You should know this, Morgan." Earl replied, his voice quite the opposite, more like that of the shy person in the back of the group.

"I wasn't told of this... Do you think it just depends on the research being conducted and what it is going to be used for?" Morgan asked, picking away at his steak. Despite his voice his physical appearance was extremely skinny with little muscle, and Earl was the opposite again, something strange that got them to be friends.

"Maybe." Earl responded, a distant look was in his eyes.

"What is it?" Morgan asked with worry.

"It's just, what are we truly doing for the Confederacy? Are we developing ways to defeat the menace? Or are we trying to destroy the recent rebels? And this recent evolution thing. What was it's source? Why did it happen? How can we combat it? And what is the thing that's guiding it?" Earl spoke, his voice hollow. "What if the Confederacy is actual behind it all? What if they're more corrupt than we thought?"

"It's quite possible, Earl, but there's nothing we can do about it. We can just eat, sleep, and work." Morgan replied before continuing to eat his steak, which was extremely hard to eat, for it was rather soft and squishy.

Earl had returned to work quickly after the lunch break and looked through into the containment cell. Within it was a very strange organic structure that spat out purple gunk. It had been one of those 'Drone' creatures at first, but something made it evolve, rapidly, and he had just barely saved it for testing purposes. He had gone in several times and grabbed some of the purple goo, and mixed it with different chemicals, seeing each result. He had even mixed it with baking soda, yielding the effect of decay of the substance, and vinegar had caused it to spread, and with greater speed that normal. His discoveries were something the higher ups were interested in, and it somewhat worried him that they wanted to the vinegar experiment. What are they going to use it for? He thought to himself.
Taken from the private journal of Sir Edmund Scott, Philosophical expert of the times.

The new book entitled "The Glories of Freedom" has made quite a stir in the philosophical societies, and has also made quite the impression on the common populace. The book has no official author, so he cannot be persecuted, an interesting fact in and of itself. The book talks of Freedoms, rights, liberties, and justice, and has been condemned by the emperor as unsuitable to the intellectual mind.

The book directly challenges the currently highly-thought-of Machiavellian viewpoints, instead stating that several philosophers were more forward thinking and simply better overall. The teaching of Montesquieu, Locke, and the like are overtaking the views of those such as Nietzsche and Hobbes. These philosophical thinkers are ancient, yet the key to understanding the meaning of existence may lie within them. The rediscovery of a ancient book entitled "1984" has brought many to realize that in the golden age, they feared a dystopian society such as ours.

These finding are remarkable in that they show that philosophy has been moving quintessentially backwards, as well as the fact that the emperor would not have attained such authority in the golden age, leaving many, including myself, to doubt in his true capabilities in leading a modern empire. The amiable yet futile efforts of philosophers such as I have been in the field of convincing the populace that these efforts are worthwhile, and perhaps revolution is the next step. If we are to fight the emperor, we shall need all of the support that we can muster. If all goes well, Anders shall fall.

There are, of course, opponents to this thinking, but they are mostly those who are ignorant and not truly suited to philosophical thinking and the philosophical arts. One of the recent victories in our forays to make the education of the people here suitable to a modern kingdom or empire is the re-establishment of the liberal arts in universities. After all, logical thought leads one to doubt that which is illogical, such as kings. Logical thinking is also the first step to a proper philosopher, and should be regarded highly.

Another advancement is the establishment of a secret underground society where we can meet in secret. This society is headed by Sir Andrews, one of the most decent folk around and the likely author of "The Glories of Freedom". It is my understanding that soon, at our next meeting, we shall even begin preliminary plans for a revolution, though we cannot expect to reach that goal for another few years, decades even. However, I trust in god that it will all be worth it.
I've got some reading to do.
Is this dead? We really need 5+ people for story-warping to occur.
I would want to do the story of my character Kenji Omagi, "Korozain". As according to my lore.
Well that puts us at 3.5, counting me as .5 . You must construct additional pylon- I mean members.
Damn them both! I'll get to writing tomorrow when I get access to my computer and not my iPad.
I plan for mine to be very early in history, does this mean I will be unable to alter the others? By the way, I think you messed up, is it that it has to be after WOL or before WOL?
It must be BEFORE WoL. My knowledge ends there. As yours is early, you get to mess with everyone's.

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