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So I've come back to Starcraft 2 with the release of HoTS to find all my friends and REAL ID friends have all vanished.

So first thought, no major issue I'll just re-add my friends and get them to re-add me but no requests showing up on either side. We've tried using just character names and ID's and our email addresses still no go.

When we put in the Character Name and Reference Number(or whatever it is) we get "Unable to find this friend"

Any suggestions?
I got the same problem, somebody?
same problem no idea . and its getting real annoying
Same issue here. No responses from mods? It's not a RealID problem, at least it's not for me.
Getting the same
It seems that for some people installing hots causes the game to flake out the start logging you onto the wrong region(s).

If you are indeed getting logged onto the wrong region, then it looks like you've lost your whole profile (because profiles dont transfer between regions). And the reason friend requests dont go through is because each regions' members can't cross communicate.

On the login screen, click the up arrow next to your login name. A "Regions" button will appear on the left, set it to you proper region (that you have all your stats and friends on), re login and check that your profile, friends, etc are back.

Try that out. Good news is that once you set it to the right region, it should stay there from them on.
Good stuff Leviathan, I think that's the problem. All Blizzard could do to help me was suggesting to try make sure I've typed the username correctly, or use his email address and check my RealID is active despite me providing links to two profiles which clearly show they're part of two regions.

Many thanks.

I think the phone/ticket support are more generalized support, across all Bliz games for example. They're great for account issue, payment issues, code redemption issues, etc, but I believe that they don't have super detailed knowledge of the individual games. That's my experience anyway.

Like I said they are great for some things, just not the nitty gritty stuff.

Technically, the best place for that deep stuff is here in the forums, but it comes at a price: official help from blizzard is intermittent here. So I just try to lend a hand if I see that someone is having a problem that I'm familiar with.

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