IDEAS for Structure/Unit Skins add to it-Ter.

Terran Discussion
This is not a repeat thread this is just a thread for people to post up ideas for unit/structure skins so please be post ideas that are plausible or will work in multiplayer and wont overload some peoples comps/laptops.

My ideas for unit skins-
Terran Skins-
Use some of those unique units from Wings of Liberty as Skins
Hyperion Skin- Use on battlecruiser skins
Gorgon Skin(Sized down)-
Arachangel Skin(Sized down)-Use the Archangel in campaign as a multiplayer skin for the Viking

That's all the skins I can think of if

Now Add the skins you wish to see in multiplayer and be practical nothing like a Tychus skin or Kerrigan Skin.

People's Suggested Skin

Terran mercenary skins
Spectre Skin- To replace Ghost
Ranged Zealot Skin-To replace Stalker
Hover Immortal Skin-For Immortal
Mohandar Skin-For Voidray

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