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I was kind of ok the way they were in WOL but now I feel they are just a tad bit ridiculous.
What all in can Terran do to them? Oh you don't think Terran should win with an all in? Why does toss have 1500 all ins they can do to terran?

4 gate.
blink stalker mc all in and due to cheaper dt shrine if you somehow hold off the blink stalker 1 base play you still have to worry about dts because they already opened up that tech path.
cheaper dt shrine and like always if you get detection and have enough units they can just make 3 range thors that have bonus vs bio and ground splash damage. why can't they actually be punished if they go dt and you get detection?
immortal gateway all in.
super fast col gateway all in.
They can now go stargate and screw you up with oracles and then tech to splash damage super quick and then get their upgraded void rays which are now better.

I mean... this is just ridiculous.
Yep pretty much they can do all these types of chess (not even all-in) that they can just expand after if cheese didn't work (guess what they got chrono boost to catch up worker).

And they got better A-move friendly late game than Terran.

All they have to worry about is drop play with some Stalker in position to shut down drop until they have colosus / HT out.
then the 10min mark came , annnnd gg -.-

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