Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIV

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I was just silenced from this turn of events, I didn't know if I should be laughing from his sudden want of grenades or what. "You are a weirdy." I say... "Come on, we need to get down to the hanger and I have to get in my designation ship which ever one that is."
IC: "ok." i say before walking to the door
Eventually, the Phoenix's engine is repaired. "Whew, finally, the engine is fixed. Now what's everyone else doing?"
That's when I grabbed his hand. "Come on... We might as well make this last until we separate and part for a few hours."
IC: "and here i was getting ready to go into kill mode." i say before turning and kissing her deeply and passionately
D, you realize that Cayl will see that and make you leave the explosives, right?
errrrr why is Jen not going on the mission, is it because she has 0 training???????
errrrr why is Jen not going on the mission, is it because she has 0 training???????
Because you didn't say anything about it.

IC: It was long and passionate, in fact... We literally weren't getting anything done with this because we were standing in the hallway. That's after a full minute I made the choice to pull back. "Dante... I think that's enough. We have to get to the hanger before they wonder where we are." I say.
OOC: Your not even in the game yet. You don't even have a char.
IC: "alright." i say before my PDA starts beeping "cannot take nades and bullets..... great" i say before restocking and heading for the hangar
I do her sheet isn't posted and Destron is my char lol.
OOC: I apologize, but my statement about not meeting you still stands.
OOC: Your not even in the game yet. You don't even have a char.
Because this isn't a game. XD

IC: When Dante came back I walked alongside him, my hand gripping his. "Just promise me that if something happens to me, don't go running for me... Follow the mission."
IC: "your words..... don't say promises you can't keep"
I gave a chuckle as I punch his shoulder. "Now that was just not right!" I was laughing. "You can keep that kind of promise, it's better for something to happen to me and you not chasing after the objective to save me... I can handle myself if something happens, and remember... I have Dhiram to help me."
I said explosives, D, not the rounds. Mecha, I lost Jen's sheet and you'll find out what happens with the others soon enough. Get to da choppa!
ummmmm by choppa you mean drop ship right??????
No, I mean the giant ship sized peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes I mean gunship!
Mecha, if you've ever watched the first Predator, you would so understand.

IC: Diethelm had arrived into the hanger, his equipment at the ready as his visor was up and his helmet parting. His hair starting to grey. He might be old but he has the experience and training that some of the other lack... Plus he has had his fair share fighting Zerg. "One thing about the Zerg, if anything we should move quickly, strike hard... and stay out of the way."
I look at Diethelm and shrug, watching the students load up. "Depends on how large a force it is. In this case, I agree. Smaller force, I'd disagree."

A Lorian soldier approaches me. "Terance?" I nod. "Report to gunship 3. You'll have an escort of 10 grunts, 5 lancers and 3 spartans to ensure you achieve your part of the mission safely." I whistle, having seen the Lorians in action before.

"That's a considerable amount of men."

"Your part of the mission is crucial." I nod, kissing Alicia before reporting to my gunship. The Lorian Soldier directs Alicia to gunship two.

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