Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIV

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OOC: Description of the gunships please?
I think about what this could all mean in the long run and I devised a question that could be serious if brought the wrong way while down there. "What will happen if my cover is blown and I can't get out?"

OOC: Zarkun, I just noticed something, but if you think about the basic elements and the Lorians... They secretly worship Captain Planet. XD
IC: "kinda both i guess. All i know is that i'm gonna nail as many of these f!ckers as i can"
I'm back

IC: "D@mn it is so easy to get lost in that maze of boxes," I say to myself before noticing that everyone is gone, "huh looks like they all left."

5 minutes later

"I still can't believe I'm playing poker with a probe and an immortal, and I'm losing, how are you two even holding the cards?"
"I've a team of Spartans on stand by for worst case scenarios. If you can't get out alone, they'll get you out."

The pilot looks at the pair of Spectres quizzically. "Did you not pay attention in the briefing? You're taking out the Brood Mother and her guard. The majority of the brood will be fighting the Tal'Darim."

OOC: Shut it. Now you've ruined a fairly epic faction. The gun ship looks sorta like the Clone Gunships, but loads from the back instead and is slightly larger.
OOC: Shut it. Now you've ruined a fairly epic faction. The gun ship looks sorta like the Clone Gunships, but loads from the back instead and is slightly larger.

Me or crimson?
IC: "The breifing was mostly a lecture about team work , get along with each other, and other feely touchy crap" Sam said to the Pilot "Just make sure to get us there"
I gave a nod, prepared slightly more. "I shall be extremely careful in there... For even if they do manage to capture me while you send in my exfil... There may be a chance they have sundrop... I do not want any sundrop applied to me... I believe that's how they torture people like us. Something far worse than Terrazine... But once inside I'll cease all communication traffic so I can only hear but not respond, if things get to hot... I'll speak up."
IC: "hey Sam, i bet i can make more pot shots than you before the others even get to the conflict"
I take a seat in Gunship 2 and wait for launch.

I enter the first gunship and take a seat making sure not to sit on my tail.
Gunship two radios gunship one about missing Dante. He turns around. "Dante Jack, you're on the wrong Gunship. Move over to two." He then faces Sam. "I don't have to do a damn thing for you. Only reason we're here is because Lord Cayl isn't one to see his troops die because of a lack of preparation. So, have some respect or walk to your mission."
IC: "woops" i say before walking out and entering gunship 2. "hey Tari." i say
I look up at Dante. "Oh hey Dante." I wasn't entirely in the mood to chat and wanted the mission to hurry up and be over.
IC: i take a seat at the front of the gunship "hey pilot when are we lifting off?" i ask
"Since you don't seem all too concerned about the fact that I could be captured and that there's sundrop there... I guess I'll go ahead and board my ship. After all... We should be going." I say, slightly irked that he didn't say anything about sundrop... sundrop could bring down even the strongest willed of men.
I rest a hand on Cynthia's shoulder. "They don't use Sundrop. Ulrezaj made it and shared it's creations secret with no one. I think you'll be safe."
"You know... It's still possible for even a small stockpile... But I'll trust your word for now. I would rather be safe than sorry at this point since I'm risking much more than anyone else." I say, feeling his warm touch against my shoulder.
"It gives off a unique chemical signal when it's around. We didn't pick up any when we ran NBC scans. You'll be fine."
"Okay then... I know it'll take a few hours to complete the mission on both sides... If I don't arrive at the exfil... You may want to send in an extraction team to breach the Nexus." I say with calm notes hanging out my mouth as the words formed in a sequence. "And what exactly am I looking for that will change me?"
Jen: I overhear Cynthia talking and hear the word sundrop and ask, " What the hell is sundrop????"

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