Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIV

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OOC: *Drives fist into skull* It may have been Cayl, but I will go find it. Will edit if necessary.
Edit: Aaah, it was Zack. I can't seem to find him on the student list. my f3 button must be glitchy. sorry.
I believe you're thinking Zack, who is currently working on his psi blade.

Edit- Zack isn't a student, he's an extended cameo.

IC: Confirming everyone was in their gunships, I boarded shuttle 4, Hot Molly, and my personal gunship, and they took off and returned to the Excalibur. Which immediately made the jump to warp space. {Alright, ladies and gents, get to know the people you're working with. It's around 15-20 mikes before we get there.}
OOC: Sorry 'bout that. Checking the student list over now.
Edit: He isn't on the student list. Not blaming that, I just tend to try to clarify things before I post. Saw only a teacher and a student. One was a swordsmen. 2+2=5 eh?
Zack isn't a student, he's an extended cameo.

OOC: I realized that. But I apologize for the confusion.
I sigh after finishing he ion thrusters for the damaged phoenix. Curiosity ebbed itself back into my mind about Zack's ship. I place my tools and the left over spare parts as well as the damaged ones into my satchel and look back over at Zack's ship for a moment before approaching it.

For a modified wraith it was still a beautiful machine I think to myself as I fight the urge to touch it. It was one of the side effects from my spectrefication.
I activate my psi blade again, looking over the serrated edge. The amount of work it had taken to get it to work properly was ridiculous, but worth it. That's when I felt Jessica's mind. Opening the cockpit, I look out over the edge. "Need somethin' blown up?" I grin at my joke.
"If I did I'd already have a bomb." I reply slightly sarcastically/seriously.
"Just admiring your ship again.... Just got a thing for machines... Part of the spectre process but also part of who I am." I sigh slightly.
I chuckle, jumping out of the cockpit and landing gracefully next to her, standing up with the psi blade still active. "No issue here. Anything in particular you're curious about?"
I look at the psi-blade for a minute before it's ceases working. "Sorry but that thing is a little to close for my taste. Anyway the wing blades is what is grabbing my curiosity the most. More so what gave the idea for them anyway."
I look at the projectors, remembering the lead up to their conception. "Well, let's just say sometimes Protoss carrier shielding is more than anticipated. What you can't see about this ship's weapons is that there's enough fire power in them to take down a Loki-Class battle cruiser in a few strafing runs. Of course, the element of surprise is lost after the first one, so I generally go for the core."
OOC: Sleeping now. 8 hours until wake-up here.
"Interesting.... Carrier shielding can be an issue of course. As for your ship what I cannot see I can sense, which sometimes I prefer over actual sight at times. It's fire power is formidable no doubt but the hull in a few spots is to weak. Mostly around a few non-essential parts for short range travel. Strengthening them wouldn't be difficult nor time consuming either."
I shake my head, looking it over. "That's all intentional. And deceptive." Pulling out one of my pistols, I offer it to Jessica. "Pick one of the spots, and fire. You'll be surprised."
I noticed that Cayl boarded the same Gunship as me... Probably making sure nothing would happen to either of us. Or keeping an eye on Dhiram. His composure was calm and relaxed... "Cayl... What exactly is there that's going to give me new found strength?" I ask, wondering on what he was talking about earlier that I would find something there or something from this mission will arise in that.
I turn from watching the crew in Excalibur's hangar and look at Cynthia. "Like I said earlier, I'm not sure. I just have a gut feeling."
I was giving a puzzled look. "So you don't really know it's just that you have this instinct that I might find something down there that might help me?" That's when some thoughts were racing through my head. "Could it be an object? Information, a person?"
I pull out my welding torch and use it right under the left wing where the line that fed the thruster was.
The flame comes back towards Jessica and I laugh as she jumps back. "I call it boronium. Only takes in that which makes it stronger. Most technopaths only sense how weak it was before. It's a lot stronger then it seems though. What doesn't make it stronger is pushed away or reflected."

"Could be any of the three." I rest my hand on Cynthia's shoulder and look her in the eye. "You know yourself better than I know you, so you'll know better than I what it'll be."
"That doesn't mean that I'll I know what it is... All you are saying that it's going to strengthen me... That doesn't give me a clue, and even you shall see that." My eyes glinting with determination but also some pain and a feeling of loss deep down. "Just because I'm me doesn't mean I know what it is when I do 'find' it."

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