Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIV

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"Trust your gut, your instincts. Doubt is something that's had a strong hold on you for too long. You need to shake it."
"Definitely different... Most of my ship is made from mineral that I found on Redstone and that the Lorians use. Need to upgrade the rest of the ship to just need to find more for refining." I set my welding torch back on my side after turning it off.
"Mithril? Talk to the Lorians. They got plenty of it." I holster the pistol and lean against a nearby rock column. "Anything else?"
Mithril? Pff! That stuff is weak compared to Jake's stuff on his planet. :P

IC: "You aren't listening, even if I listen to my instinct and to my gut... Weird metaphor there... Doesn't mean I'll be able to find this thing that is supposed to help me! All you say is that you think, you think... You thinking that there's something there wont help at all and you know it. Which means it could be some forsaken dead end on both of our minds." I say, bringing up my point and I was right.
I shake my head at Zack. "No it is an ore they have to synthesize so it isn't commonly used. If I could have gone to the Lorians about it I would have. I think they call it mithrite."
"Ah, Cayl created that, combining mithril and adamantite if memory serves. He might have some more."

I shake my head, looking Cynthia in the eye. "Remember how I told you a good warrior trusts their instinct? I want you to do that now."
I sigh with slight annoyance, he wasn't listening to a word I was saying. "What I mean to say is this... I should blindly follow my instinct to find something that I don't even know about? How can I find something when I don't know what I'm looking for?"
just curious but are any of our chars going to be captured????
OOC: Mecha, we don't know yet. Its part of the fun.
ummm timeskip please???????
just curious but are any of our chars going to be captured????
I'll give you a hint... Don't talk about it in here because you are ruining the plot! This is why we discuss in DA because then it loses the focus...

Mecha... we are almost as the damn planet for the mission. Calm your !@#.
anyway to get on DAchat with tablet??????
Not at all and we already covered this so many times about it.... The plan part after the mission.

And use less exclamation points and question marks please? It makes me take you less seriously.
Mecha, I told you to talk to the students with you. How about you try that for a change rather than try and worm your way out of character interaction.

IC: "Because your instinct knows what it is you're looking for." I shake my head and try to think of a good example. Unable to, I sigh. "Look, instinct doesn't need to make logical sense, you just have to trust it."
I try to process these thoughts through my mind, thinking of a solution once I'm down there while listening to what Cayl was saying deep down. "And if I can't find it with my instinct?"
ummmm I looked up on which chars go on which ship and I didn't see your chars on the list so I assume they are on ship 5 right???????t

HOLY spell check
"You're too good not to find it with your instinct, but if all else fails, look for something that reminds you of you."
HOLY spell check
Yeah, it was like reading a foreign language just now before you changed all of that. AND NO. If Destron was listed on that Gunship, he's on there, if Jen was listed on that Gunship, she's on that Gunship. But none of them are on Gunship Five except for a few people who will be the reserves back at the LZ. Read next time and I feel ashamed with having to explain this...

@Zarkun, you get to help out Mecha with understanding since my patience with him is falling really quickly from never listening and understanding... at least he didn't ask a recap every other page now.

IC: Now this is what really confused me, wondering how this could work out. "So I find something in the Nexus that reminds me of myself yet these are Tal'darim and we have nothing in common..."
I read and I thought you were on the ship's. I was wondering what sips your chars were on since I couldn't find them on the list. Have we lifted off yet because I'm getting confused since I heard we were almost their.
Alright, first, not everyone is on the same gunship. Jen is on five, Destron on two, Cayl and Cynthia are on four, and Terance is on three. So, go find who's on what ship and talk to them.

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