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Ok lets start here.

I wish the shredder was back, but now it is a BUILDING instead of a unit
(hence no shredder drop abuse) and requires armory (Armory required so there wont be proxy "shredder turret" rushes in early game).
I just hate ling run by when my army was in position to attack and contain the opponent.

and please don't say "but you got Widow mines". Yeah Widow mines can stop a moving "zergling run by" to a some extent BUT not all that much!(takes 40 sec to reload), and especially with the next Widow mine splash radius NERF coming it will become worst.

Widow mines are supposed to be the answer to the ling run by problem as is the shredder(demonstrated in 2011 blizzcon), but too many pro's used it to drop behind enemy mineral lines instead of stopping zerglings/zealot/or hellion run-by.
Hence there are a lot of people say Widow mine is OP and shredder need to be removed from game, due to shredder mineral line drops and now Widow mine mineral drops(I don't blame them).

So to summarize:
- I want the shredder back(as a new terran defence BUILDING). It requires armory to construct.
(no shredder drops! because its a building!).
(Armory required so there wont be proxy "shredder turret" rushes in early game).

whats with the "sigh..."?

Gold leagues aren't allowed to post even though they made 32% of the server population?
or u can leave a few units behind in a cost efficient position to stop ling runbys

that way u have the same effect without adding a whole new unit to the game
Widow mines are fine. Zerglings are effectively turned into banelings with mines around. SImply run them straight into the terran army and BOOOOOOOOM. Widow mines activate killing everything. Then mop up

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