Neural Parasite Evolution Mission (RP)

Joeyray's Bar
Have made important discovery. Two valuable enhancements for Neural Parasite. Strains mutually exclusive. One must be chosen. Other must be discarded.

Volunteers required. Minds will be transferred to appropriate hosts. Volunteers must locate essence, acquire, test.

Will use Bar personas integrated into various hosts for tests. Awaiting volunteers.
Did I not fire you from my swarm?
Replied in Bar. Read.

Grasper limb almost ready to return. Should volunteer for RolePlay.
"Hmm." I split in half and send one of me over to Knarled/Abathur. "Here you go."
Volunteer arrived. Preparing for tests.

*immerses submitted half in spawning pool*

Require two additional volunteers.
"This form is disposable" *Swarm Host collapses, becoming feral, and a psionic energy posses a nearby hydralisk* "This new form shall suit our (Ummah's) needs nicely."
Volunteer DarkZelot accepted. One more required to begin test.
Too much Abathur wannabes.

Yadadada, SCV ready for duty sir.
Character Abathur well designed. Side effect: many attempted impersonations.
Sure? But I just got HoTS as well. XD
Character Abathur well designed. Side effect: many attempted impersonations.

Also talks like Mordin from Mass Effect Trilogy.
Three sufficient. Preparing mental states for transfer.


Trillions of miles away, across time and space...

Planet Sol 3. Contains currency acquisition node "Disneyworld."

Camera zooms in on Disneyworld.

Disneyworld virulent parasite. Extracts money from victims.

Shows people paying at entrance.

Useful sequences. Must acquire for Swarm. Disguised Infestors ready for test.

The players' minds are tranferred into infestors that have been twisted into human shape. They're extraordinarily ugly humans, but humans.

Kill Disneyworld organs, clerks. Clerks extract money from victims at organism's mouth location. Hunt down.
By the way, what kind of persona's for this !@#$s and giggles RP?

Yipyap walks up to a booth where lines of people are paying their fares. Yipyap cuts straight to the front and pushes dad paying the tickets for a family of five.

"Hey man, what the hell are you doing?" the dad asks angrily as he grabs Yipyap's shoulder.

Yipyap looks quizzically at the dad.

"I am on a mission to gather money," the investor-man says as he stuffs the bills and coins down his throat in front of the horrified crowd."
RPers' primary Bar persona. Will lead to additional hilarity. Hilarity useful.

Deploying disguised infestors to money assimilation organ "concession stand." Proceed to entrance.
!@#$... I don't know what my persona is...
Also talks like Mordin from Mass Effect Trilogy.

That's what I said!! :D
*Uses Neural Parasite on clerk, makes clerk run around on highway in front of parking lot until hit by car, then use fungal growth on highway to stop cars, extracts essence, and repeats until having required amount of essence.*
Your persona is you. Natural behavior expected, as when in Bar.

The crowd begins to push towards SMylez' Infestor-man angrily, partially because he just strangled a father of five, mainly because he's cutting in line.

Other specimens more distant. Blend into Terran crowd, move to aid entity Smylez. Avoid drawing notice.
"Nice place." I say as I appreciate the amount of people there. "Now..." I unleash Fungal growth upon the crowd then start putting Infested Terran eggs on the faces of many. Soon I find myself at the toll station.

The clerk screams, "What are you?!"

"Hmm, I think I'm a fat man with a ton of bile and insect eggs. Or am I an Infestor? I always get the two mixed up." I reply then spit a Neural Parasite on him and it drill into his brain. "Now, how to eat him..." I grab a cooking book out of thin air with the title How to Cook a Thief. I flip through the pages. "This one looks good, but where am I going to find ten souls of the damned?" I look through the crowd. "Okay, I guess I could take from there, but too hard." Soon the clerk is in a boiling cauldron with ten damned souls from my shadow realm, which were given to me by the other me.

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