Neural Parasite Evolution Mission (RP)

Joeyray's Bar
Extracting essence from boiled clerk.

Spinning sequence into Infestor strand.

New strain: Entry Fee. When Neural Parasite burrows into victim, much possibility for resource extraction. New strain drains money from victims. Must test.

Terran President arrived. Useful target for test. Extract money with Entry Fee.
"I require more currency to evolve."

"You there? Where can I get more of this?" Yipyap asks a terrified clerk as the infestor chews on a quarter, oblivious to the drama and chaos around him."
I slowly start consuming the remaining husk of the clerk. "So, where's the president? I want to speak to him about changing the American climate to something more like Canada's. Might help reduce obesity."
*I move the parasite to my hand and inject it as the president shakes my hand, which he does after shaking the hands of several others first and signing a few autographs, I then turn control of him over to KO.*
Extract cash from president, the move on to other members of retinue.
Several security officers appear and frisks Yipyap away from the counter.

"Sir, we ask that you leave this premises immediately or a lawsuit will land on your head." They frisk the investor to the parking lot.

Several tentacles erupt from the infester's back and implants itself on the guard's head.

"Orders?" they say in dead voice.

"Money. Show me money."

"What's that dad? What character is that?" asks a little girl leaving the car.

"I don't know honey, why don't you go up and ask them?"
Terran President gateway to Terran money. Terran nation possesses massive revenue. Extract through President. Force major gift to Swarm.
*Extracts cash moves on after making president provide distraction by dancing like a monkey and doing the same to every other victim, including the Disney characters.*

"We have now bankrupted the National Treasury, unfortunately its contents were only sixteen cents, it appears a nation known as 'China' has already beat us to the money."
Further investigation of entity "China" required. Will experiment.

Terran money extracted. Test successful. Preparing for next test.


Camera zooms out, pans around to West Coast, zooms in.

State California. Location "Disneyland" contains "mascot" organisms. Contain sequences related to Genus Disney "marketing." Use to enhance Neural Parasite, attract hosts.

Camera zooms in further on Disneyland.

Mascot organism "Mickey Mouse" located. Kill, take essence. No need to disguise Infestors for infiltration. Deploying drop-pods.

Drop pods crash into Disneyland about 200 feet from Mickey Mouse and release infestors.
That escalated quickly.
Momentary persona switch.

Well DER, they're evolution missions. Sheesh. And now, back to Abathur.

Organism "Mickey Mouse" vulnerable. Easy to kill.
*Spews infested terrans everywhere, orders them to kill Mickey Mouse and everyone in the way, sits back and watches the carnage.*
I glomp on Mickey Mouse and start gnawing on his head with my tentacle mouth before crushing it completely and letting the blood flow. I then proceed to suck the brains out.

Yipyap is curious and burrows and gets the coffin to the surface. With some fungal growth, the casket is open and Walt Disney's perfectly intact body is displayed.
Sequences, incomplete. Require additional essence. Mascot organisms, "Donald Duck," "Goofy," "Pluto," and other spread throughout area. Hunt down.
"This is Walt Disney on the announcer. May I have all the mascots head to the auditorium for a luncheon? It has been several decades since I seen my creations."

All the mascots show up and Walt Disney on the podium, alive and well.

"Walt Disney?! My god! How is he still alive?" squeaks the Mickey Mouse mascot.

"Children! My heart is happy at the sight of you! I ask that you sit down..."

Everyone sits and they are mesmerized by Disney's reappearance. Under the chairs, several parasites begin to sneakily make their way inside the mascot's costumes.
Clever. Lateral thinking. Walt Disney dead, can be remedied by HEV. Terrans unaware of Zerg.

Kill. COllect essence.
The parasites dig into the spinal cords of the mascots and begin to devour the flesh from the inside out.
Terran National Guard inbound.

Augmenting Neural Parasite.

Mascot Strain, ready for combat. Appearance disarms enemies, seems harmless. Effective marketing causes enemies to willingly subject selves to Parasite.

Destroy Terran forces.

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