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Hi guys,

As some of you may already know I'm starting a brand new amateur Starcraft 2 league. This league will be split into two divisions - gold/plat and diamond/masters. The set up involves a small-ish season in which both leagues will be split up into two separate divisions and players will battle it out for the regular season champion. At the end of the season I will offer players a chance to test their mettle in a tournament setting and have a bracket for each division.

After the tournaments are done and each winner is crowned king of the division, we will move onto the offseason "up-down" matches which are similar to the GSL setting. The top 4 players in the lower division will play matches against the bottom 4 ranked players in the top division. If the person in the lower division beats the player in the top division, he takes his spot in the higher league.

Currently I have 16 people signed up for the lower division(gold/plat) but I am looking for people to sign up for the diamon/masters league which currently has around 9-10 people in it. I would ideally like 16 in that league as well, but if i get more people wanting to be in the league in either division I can obviously expand it no problem

Games will be best of 3 for the season and then move to best of 5 or 7 for the playoffs. If both players are online at any time that I am during the season, I will ask if they want to play live and I will stream over my newly created stream and cast the game live. I will ask that each matchup please save all replays and send them to me for verification of games played and match results and then stream them when I don't have any live games to cast.

Hit me up in game: wHiTeNoVa #644 or email me, whitenovasc@gmail.com for more info/to sign up. I plan on starting at the beginning of April so please sign up quick to reserve your spot for the inaugural season!


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