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Tills recently, every game I have played has ended in a forfeit on my half because of the 'waiting for sever' issue that seems to have plagued my game.


What I have tried:
Closing all applications, except finder and sc2.
Turning on/off my router (even during this time of 'waiting for server')
Updating Starcraft and any other software.
Trying to play on another computer in my house hold (same issue)
Connecting to a VPN- WORKS, but is so slow I lag out anyways.
Switching and trying every global server.

I don't know what is wrong, but I'm pissed that I have dropped over 20 games due to this issue...
omfg i have the same issue. i have no problems installing/updating viewing but the second i get in a game i lag out.(it never made it past the first 5 secs.) i lost like 10 games and my placement match cause of this. could really use help.

i play on windows vista home prem. 64 bit operating system.

i have avast,micrsofts free, advance system care also as anti virus and windows defender as my antiviruses.(incase a new update would block sc2.)

would really liek to play the game.

The issue has yet to be resolved.
I was gonna post this here: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/933153338?page=1
But the topic was full...

Its happening to me every singel game I play online.

Last week it was happening about 1/10 games. Its just gotten worse.

Every since I finished the newest patch (two days ago) I can not stay in a game. While the patch was incomplete but 'playable', there was close to no problems playing.

Something in the new patch has messed up my ability to stay connected with the server or the ability to think it is connected to the server.

This happens about 20sec to 5 minutes into a game.

I'm really pissed off at this issue 30+ games lost cause of it and a whole league drop -.-

What can it be!?!?
Here is my Tracetr:

1 localhost ( 1.802 ms 0.926 ms 0.849 ms
2 * ( 114.761 ms 95.531 ms
3 ( 677.851 ms 36.280 ms 32.528 ms
4 ( 55.497 ms * *
5 * ( 19.195 ms 19.011 ms
6 ( 13.878 ms 17.310 ms 14.613 ms
7 * * *
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 * * *
11 * * *
12 * * *
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 * * *
21 * * *
22 * *
I'm trying to 'Submit a Ticket' to blizzard.

But it when i press submit, nothing happens -.-

Is this issue still happening? Please post a screenshot of what you see so we can check this out.
I am experiencing the exact same issue. It has occurred numerous times since the Heart of the Swarm release, and is extremely frustrating.

I do not have a screenshot on hand, but essentially the game will suddenly pause for no apparent reason during a match and a "Waiting for Server" dialog box appears. There is no option available other than a "Surrender" button. After waiting a minute or so, several orange notification dialogs appear in quick succession to the left of the screen. They flicker back and forth between "Disconnected from Battle.net, achievements disabled" to "Reconnected to Battle.net, achievements restored", or something along those lines. However, I still remain stuck at the "Waiting for Server" dialog box. After waiting for several more minutes, I am notified by another dialog box that I have been dropped and am sent to a score screen that reads "Error: Unable to Load Score Screen". I do not gain any experience points from the match.

The issue occurs at seemingly random moments, including both training stages and matchmaking. When it occurs while playing Versus AI with a friend, the game becomes paused on his end and a "Waiting for Player" dialog box appears. After a 60 second countdown, he is then able to resume the match without me and take control over my units. On my end, I am still shown the "Waiting for Server" dialog box and can either click "Surrender" or wait for the game to drop me. If I choose to wait, I do not get dropped until well after the 60 second mark, during which my friend has already resumed playing.
It is still happening, I try to play one game a day atm and its the same thing.
(sorry for the late reply, been busy)

I will link the screen shot. I got lagged out at the 7:16 second mark, the longest online game in days..
As you can see it is windowed and I have a stable connection to the internet.

This exact same thing has occurred to me also as recently as about 2 hours ago - game is running smooth no lag no nothing im actually about to win and .. "waiting for server" 'surrender' and when I just let it sit there it drops me - rather frustrating
Today I managed to play one online, vs AI, unranked and ranked match. Total play time was around 30 minutes without the connecting to server issue.
I haven't changed anything, so I don't know why it was working normally for one day.

I will try again when I find some time for more convincing evidence that the issue has cleared up.
To any support forum agent who is reading this, please help me/us as several others are also having the same/similar problems.
I'm growing VERY impatient. I want to solve this issue ASAP!
It is still continuing, however it has improved and I now only get disconnected about 1/5 games.

Blizzard support, please help me.
So, if it works when your VPN sometimes, and randomly other times, this may indicate a network connection from the ISP.

What happens when you use Google DNS?
I changed to use Google DNS, but when I tried to play a game I encountered the same problem.
Let me ask this, does this happen immediately after you start a match, or during the match itself?
During the match itself. It has never happened immediately.
Is this still happening with the latest patch?
Yes even after the patch this is still occurring.
I seem to be experiencing exactly the same issue as Hunch. It also appears to be random- sometimes I can get through an entire game, but more typically I get the "waiting for server" dialogue within the first 5 minutes of the game and am forced to surrender.

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