The Battle of Augustgrad: P2 A Viking Account

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This is continued the account Tyr Viking pilot of the 36th Wing of Vikings

I remembered the first time I had reentered the atmosphere in the sim. The g forces had caused me to go unconscious, I had almost been washed out of training then and there. Now I barely noticed.
"Stay tight" Freya cautioned.
We broke through the clouds and descended quickly, Odin had marked the area on our huds to show the place where the Hyperion would be landing. A Dominion base was located there armed to teeth with bunkers and air defenses, and we were barreling strait for it.
"All squadrons break formation, attack pattern War Master take out those defenses. Heimdal get your squadron over here we're heading for their airfields" Odin barked.
"Tyr you see those siege tanks?" Freya said over the comm.
My imaging system painted the cluster of siege tanks clearly on my screen "I got em". No more words were needed Freya and I pulled out the stops on our engines and rocketed forward.
We streaked low and straight flying towards the siege tanks cluster. When we were a thousand feet away we fired our missiles in unison blanketing the entire cluster with our lanzer missiles.
A warning light flashed on my screen "Freya they got Goliaths"
They fired their payload of Hellfire missiles and we peeled up and away avoiding the dangerous weapons. "Launch flares" Freya radioed.
"Flares launched" I looked at my controls hopefully. One of the four missiles blinked away leaving three that were only chasing me.
I cursed "They're still on me" we were flying straight for the Zerg base which caused me to curse even more. Then suddenly in the distance I spotted something I could use "Freya break off, I've got a plan"
"Your cra-"
"Freya I'm going to lose these missiles in that mass of overlords" I said with all the calmness I could muster.
"You mean in our allies?"
"Whatever you can't follow me and I am going to do it" I said as powered up my engines. I think she said something before peeling off my wing but I didn't pay attention.
I kept powering up my engines to max, the engines howled like a deranged demon in response to the stress. The Overlords were coming fast, I could see their loose formation clearly now.
Navigating through them would be dangerous but not impossible. The missiles wouldn't be able to keep pace with me not with the complex maneuvers I would be doing. I slowed my breathing as I closed inside of a thousand feet, eight hundred, seven hundred, six…
If I had blinked when I entered the pack I would have missed it. Things happened so fast I barely saw them, the world around me became a blur of dirty brown carapace and then I burst into open air again.
"Yes" I yelled in my cockpit in victory upon seeing no missiles following me.
I didn't linger over the Zerg base I rocketed away in fear that they I might have angered them by destroying a few of their Overlords.
"Freya you there?" I called over the com. Silence was my answer, after a few seconds of quiet I tried again "Freya you there?"
No answer, I circled back towards the LZ. I saw my Viking brothers laying waste from the air on the ground fortifications. No air support had come yet to aid the Dominion forces, a testament to Odin and Heimdals skill.
"Has anyone seen Freya" I radioed.
No one got the chance to answer before Heimdal broke in "Mayday, Mayday all Vikings fall back to the LZ the dominions counter attack has begun"
"Heimdal I can't find Freya" I said unintentionally letting my anxiety show.
"You'll have to worry about that later" Odin said sternly "fall in with me for now"
"I thought you trashed their airfield" I heard another Viking named Baldr say.
"This must be the reserves" Odin said calmly.
I fell in behind Odin as he peeled around and coming to face the oncoming reinforcements. I had a hard time believing these were the backups; I saw Battle cruisers Wraiths and their own Vikings coming in.
"Hyperion we got wraiths down here we need anti stealth tech down here" Odin said a little anxiously.
A hardy laugh came on over the comm "I can do better than that for you son" I recognized Commander Raynors voice. Suddenly the sky began to dark over us; I looked up and saw the Hyperion coming into the atmosphere. A moment later the massive batteries vomited plasma down towards the Dominion base.
"Well let’s get to work" the Commander said in a very relaxed voice.
Good quality of story development. Comprehensive knowledge of terms from Norse mythology, used to good effect. Punctuation improved, some room remains. Double space paragraphs to conform with internet standard. Successful.
I apologize for the lack of foresight on my part and not posting this in the last thread. Rest assured that this will not happen again. Again thank you for your feedback.
Pretty much what Knarled said. Good work.

P.S. Mind putting all the parts into one thread? It'll be easier to follow that way as well as using less space.
The continuation of The Account Of The Battle of Augustgrad

“Come about, come about, we’re going to pull them over the air batteries” Odin said hurried as we flew like shooting stars diving towards the now landed Hyperion.

“Wraiths at four thousand feet and closing” Odins wingman Narvi reported “They've fired missiles”

“Continue on course prepare for trifex maneuver” Odin ordered.

No more words were needed, I powered down my guidance thrusters and powered up the main drive I was going to need pure speed for this. Our speed as a formation accelerated to speeds that threatened to tear the Viking apart, but the missiles were still on our tails.

Then at the same time we deployed flairs in a single mass. I killed my speed and fired my guidance thrusters, peeling away from Odin I swerved downwards and circled to face the Wraiths.

The Wraiths made as if to peel away but the table had been reversed now and we had the advantage. My engines howled like wolves on the hunt and just close enough to sink their fangs into the prey.

Odin came from above, I came from below and Narvi aimed straight for them. We fired our payload of death; the wraiths tried in vain to deploy their cloaking devices but failed as our lanzer missiles rammed through their fuselages.

“Nice kill, lets regroup” Odin congratulated us.

I flicked on the radio switch as I peeled around to rejoin Odin and Narvi. No word of Freya had been heard, this was bad. There was no doubt we would look for Freya eventually. Viking pilots were a rare breed very few could pilot one of these, that made us valuable commodities; I’d even heard the Dominion had a brainwashing program for captured Vikings.

“Sir they’re bringing up the Odin” the call of a marine came over the com “We’re pinned down outside the square”

“Blasphemous” I heard Odin say over the radio “All Vikings converge on the Odin that thing dies today”

“Odin, is that indignation I hear?” I heard Heimdals mocking voice come.

“Heimdal I’ll tear that thing down myself if I have to”

“Odin, Those marines are trapped” I said over the radio as we peeled around and began our run on the Odin.

“Yes Tyr, it would appear as though they are” he said indifferently “Are you perhaps thinking that you could look for Freya and save those marines at the same time?”

I bit my lip “Yes”

“Which would involve you undergoing an air to ground transformation” Odin said harshly.

“I can do it” I said almost pleadingly.

“Better pilots have died in the attempt” Odin said his tone not changing.

“And worse pilots have succeeded” I countered.

Odin gave a long pause as we closed in on the Odin “That’s true” he paused “Go with Odin's blessing”

“Thank you” I said as I peeled off towards the square. It took me only a minute to reach the square, my scanners picked up the trapped marines quickly, and I saw that they were trapped inside a building now behind barricades surrounded by dozens of Dominion Marines and Goliaths.

I cursed as I saw the Goliaths; there was nothing for it I had to rush them quickly while they were clustered. I locked my lanzer missiles on them and launched everything I had at them...but not fast enough to stop them from launching their Hellfire’s.

My missiles hit them squarely eviscerating both of them as well as countless marines but their missiles were on the loose. Time seemed to slow as I watched the hellfire missiles come towards me; I knew what I had to do. There was no choice transform succeed, or die.
I punched the key on the transformer. The entire cockpit began to change the roof that seemed to be collapsing in on itself, the floor shifted and a bar suddenly fell down on the place where my head had been but I didn't stop to think about what that would do to my neck. Instead I settled myself down into the now forward leaning controls.

Hitting the ground came next; it was like nothing I had ever felt before. My bones jarred and my head whip lashed so hard it made me see stars for a second.

I didn't stay dazed for long I gripped the controls and opened fire with my new weapons. The Twin Gatling guns ripped into the marines that stood at my feet. The Marines in the building came out firing and throwing grenades, our combined firepower wiped them out swiftly.

“Thank God you’re here, they almost had us” I heard one of the marines say once the firing was over.

“Are you the leader of this team?” I asked over the loudspeaker.

“Yes sir” One of them saluted me “Now mind telling us how we get out of here?”

As I looked down on the Marines suddenly my Viking was hit on its shoulder. The scanners screamed as the siege tank backed by marines came rolling up towards us. I cursed as I opened up with my Gatling guns ripping holes through the tanks armor.

The marines took cover behind the Vikings legs, I cursed I hadn't wanted it to end this way “Get out of here retreat”

I heard a grunt “What kind of stims do you Vikings take?”

“Dangit get out, even if we win I've got other tasks” When my transmission was finished I began cursing again. I brought one of my two remaining missiles online and fired it at the massed troops.

“If I see you on the Hyperion again I’ll buy you more whiskey than even a Viking could drink” the Sargent radioed.

I laughed “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”

Then they left leaving me to finish what I thought would be my last battle, but it was not.

The batteries on the Viking were almost fried, and I’d taken damaged at the end when the glass had shattered on the cockpit. A large shard had buried itself in my left shoulder, as well as smaller pieces all across my upper body.

“That woman” I said breathing hard. Everything seemed so bright all around me; I shook my head trying to clear my vision.

Then I hit something, or something hit me. I couldn't tell anymore my vision was bloody and I could barely feel my hands on the controls. Something hit me again and the Viking stumbled sideways, then slowly it began to fall to the ground. My strength was gone and my hands fell from the controls but the pounding continued.

I tried to take a deep breath but I was too weak. All the sounds seemed to come from far away, I felt like I was slipping and I wasn't even trying to recover myself. With sickening grace I let go and fell into darkness.
This is the end of the account I can attest to by memory. However some video logs survive to provide further details.

The video log rolls and off in the distance across the square siege tanks are plainly visible. They are primed in siege mode and firing upon the viking until after a few minutes they stop and marines begin to advance.

Then a dark woman with the visage of strange dreadlocks and wings made out of what appears to be bone. Her head turns to the Viking and then to then to the advancing marines. She raises her hand to the marines and suddenly all them fall to the ground screaming.

The siege tanks begin to fire again and similarly she raises her hand and their shots explode off of an invisible wall. She gathers what looks like a clear wispy ball in her hand and throws it at the tanks. It explodes engulfing them all.

She looks back at the Viking and the video feed slowly fades to static

Audio transmission intercepted by viking comm system.

"This is Spectre team Echo, we've found the last one"
That's all I got guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it :D.
Enjoyable. Well done.

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