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So earlier I played a TvZ going mainly bio and defending his early aggression with just playing defensive and expanding.

Started out with typical hellion banshee shenanigans to secure my expansion into drop harass here and there. By 20 mins I had 5 bases and I was just waiting for Zerg to make his move. I was picking off expos and clearing creep, mainly just to drop supply for my battlecruiser switch! With going bio you really don't have much of a gas output except Medivacs, so I had like 5k gas in the bank and I decided to take use of this. I already had mech armor upgrades going for my Medivacs, so I didn't have to worry much about the upgrades for my cruisers.

When Zerg finally pushed with his Ling, bane, ultra, brood lord, infestor army, I rolled in my 6 shiny new 2/3 Battlecuisers and completely murder his army instantly. Mainly because of all my excess tanks for defense and 2 reactored starport Vikings for air support. Lul

Just thought I'd share my sudden fascination with Battlecuisers to my Terran brethren!
I've been doing that a lot in Heart of the Swarm where drops are really good and allow you to secure a strong enough economy that you can get battlecruisers safely.
Personally I like starting with getting a small Raven cloud first and maybe some Vikings to keep myself from getting owned by Broodlord/Infestor/Corruptor or whatever, then once I have 5-6 bases I start getting BC's.

I do Ravens first because they have extremely good abilities which synergise ridiculously well with BC's, plus if you get them first they have time to build up energy which you can then use in conjunction with the BC's, instead of waiting additional time for your Ravens to get enough energy to help out your BC's.

Oh, plus Ravens have a bigger impact when you're in small numbers.
Usually my terran late game consists of me switching between hellbat thor and bc/raven to keep the zerg player guessing.

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