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hello all, noob here (one of those players whom played way too much singleplayer and had a mass of bad habits to get out of).

i recently watched a bunch of tutorials for basic openings and decided to perfect Husky's 3-rax standard build. i push out with about a mm ball (8/6) at about 7 minutes, hitting enemy base at 7:30.

i find this only works about 50% of the time, usually when the other player bet really bad-- for instance, one t tried a reaper rush and got eaten alive; one toss went heavy stalker and got ripped apart.

but against half decent players the 3-rax seems to fail pretty hard. Z's rip apart a mm ball with bling rush. i even had one amazing toss player whom deftly used his 3 sentries to cut half the army up the ramp and @*!*#!!! each half in turn. one T even managed to pump out one tank by the time i ran up, and blew me apart from siege mode.

is 7-7:30 too slow for this type of 3-rax opening?

also, how do you transition if the 3-rax is stopped? husky recommends teching to medivac but by the time i have medivacs/rebuild my army, the other guy has already expanded and teched up. i guess i'm having difficulty doing home macro while i'm off trying to execute. so in the end it's usually do or die, and seeing as how that's the case i'm moving to cheese moves like using my entire SCV build as tank.

i don't think that's good for my development.
Please post a replay or message me in game.
Ok, hello, I once had this problem, and I'll try to teach you what I know!

So first of all, you want to perfect a 1 Rax FE (1 Barracks Fast Expansion) build. This build perfectly goes into Marine Marauder Medivac, and is ideal vs PROTOSS.

At 9 Supply, make a supply depot, use that SCV to scout
When you hit 12 Supply, make a single barracks, continue making SCVs
at 15 supply, your barracks should be done! Make an orbital command, and a marine
MAke a Command Center at your natural ASAP!
Then, at 22 supply, make 2 barracks
at 24 supply, make 2 refineries to collect gas!
Put 2 tech labs and one reactor on the barracks, start an engineering bay!
Research Stimpack, Marine shields, concussive shells, and +1 Weapons, and keep pumping out Marines/Marauders. Then, make a factory, and create a reactor on it
when your factory is done, make a reactor, and a starport for medivacs
When your first 2 medivacs come out (or when u hit 10 minutes) move out!


This is the new strategy, as 3 rax is pretty old, and not used as much anymore.
reaper FE is a new popular opening. is nice.

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