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Yeah so I found that program as well so yeah check this bs

AND it stayed that high until I finally surrendered there was a 30mb/DL spike when the DL map was goin on but I was able to handle that, but this is just ridiculous and it was idling just above my max UL speed XD

oh and ps that super low can't even really see it stuff before the spike? yeah that's playing the game >.> W T F
and after looking at the other test done by pon it looks like the UL will actually max out at what ever the upload cap is at and tries to exceed it like mine toped out at 2.76 mb and with the size ratio in comparison to pon's and my shots you can see that pon's hit the max of his/hers and exceeded the cap a little then he/she surrendered and the UL dropped instantly. I hope this helps you blues that we are trying to help you help us. Or at least point you guys in the right direction >.> But I will patiently wait, irritated, and frustrated non-the-less but I would like to see this thing through and be able to enjoy this game once again :(
Now I'm throwing this out there on a whimsical chance and Hypothesis... could there be a slight chance that there is some missing info in our bn accounts lower lying than we can access i.e. isp/isprouting for the accounts? So I'm going to convey a small test. I'm going to see if my friend across town has played multi-player and if he can play unscathed at his place I'm going to have him come here with his laptop he plays on and see if it happens to him here.
THEN if he plays flawless here, I'm going to pack up my desktop and go there and see if I still get dropped there. So if my test result come out as I foresee it will him being able to play here and me not being able to play there, then we have some faulty isprouting going on in a cluster of accounts. Just saying if it works that way with you blizz. But then I could be just crazy going out of my mind trying to find any answer to make me feel not so abused by this game >.<
further posts from me will be bumps if needed to keep this thread fresh until I have my results or blizz fixes this issue ^.~
So here we go, my buddy and I (who trust each other very much) swapped accounts and played vs each other. NOW I was thinking if it was my account he would drop and I would stay in... well to my defeat he stayed connected on my account, and I lasted longer but non-the-less dropped.... and here is the most frustrating part, we live probably 8 blocks from each other, and have the exact same internet provider and package.... SO I'm going to have him come over Thursday and see if he drops here like I do. I'd go there but this is a Desktop vs laptop scenario lol so now I'm just trying to think of other solutions because my isp says my line is perfect till I hit AT&T but again there isn't much me as a person can do. The run on Thurs. is just to make sure there isn't something wrong with my computer? I don't know I'm running out of ideas and how to resolve this whole insane UL/DL rate that I'm getting. Maybe I should get my isp on the phone and then have him/her monitor my connection as I play? I'm pulling at strings here I don't know what else to possibly do.

Just had a epiphany, I've had my service through CableOne for 4 yrs now and my buddy has had his service for nearly 2 yrs . I have the first gen. modem from them(for their High speed internet) which is a Motorola sb6180 and he has a Motorola sb5101u so I'm not exactly sure but this could be a possible problem?

And scratch that just realized after short research that my modem is better.... so lost...
Thank you, Blizzard Tech Support, for not assisting in this technical issue.

Glad we're gonna get somewhere with this problem
Bumping again.

Either I'll get help, or a moderator will delete this post out of sheer malice.

Hooray for being dropped from matches randomly!
apparently there is a post or something that my buddy found with some advice but he's yet to get me the web address for it, but he hasn't gotten it to me yet. but the second I do I will post it here, and who knows, maybe one of us will be able to play ranked again... or against real people for that matter hell I'd be happy to just be able to vs my friends for the moment but I can't even do that.... so I'm going to wait patiently.
03/28/2013 11:03 PMPosted by Ponji
since i never had problems with my internet prior to the launch of this expansion, I shouldn't have to shell out extra money to play the game.

I understand your frustration, but saying this is like saying, "I've never had a flat tire in this car before, so there is no reason for this tire to go flat..."

If you are dropping packets that early in the connection there is no switch that Blizzard can hit to make it all better.
no there isn't but there is an answer to every problem. It just has to be found. And on Ponji's Defense the shelling out extra cash is in reference to internet package, nothing of the game. And since I have that exact "better" package and it's happening to me mean you should read more before you criticize people about things they say. We just want this GD problem fixed.
04/03/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Freaksauce
since i never had problems with my internet prior to the launch of this expansion, I shouldn't have to shell out extra money to play the game.

I understand your frustration, but saying this is like saying, "I've never had a flat tire in this car before, so there is no reason for this tire to go flat..."

If you are dropping packets that early in the connection there is no switch that Blizzard can hit to make it all better.

Your analogy is a piss-poor attempt at trying to convey your point. My comments are not to the tune of ''there is no reason for this tire to go flat'', my comments are actually "My car appears to be fine, and my radio occasionally cuts out, and my radio manufacturer is telling me it's not their problem".

Packets aren't dropping early in the connection, that's only what the pathping/tracerts show. During game-play, packet loss occurs RANDOMLY throughout the games, which leads to me being dropped.

If you had also noticed the image i uploaded concerning my gameplay, you'd notice that my UL/DL stay relatively consistent throughout a match, but then there is a SUDDEN, SHARP INCREASE IN UPLOADING THAT SURPASES DOWNLOADING THAT CAUSES ME TO DROP.

IF there's a bug, client side, that's causing packet loss, followed subsequently by over-uploading to compensate or get caught up, then really who's fault is that?

I'm not asking for a magic button fix, i'm asking for some attention to this relatively frustrating and game breaking issue, that essentially makes my game play experience impossible.

Get off your horse and out of my thread unless you have some wisdom to impart beyond "Blizzard can't instant fix, lolz"
Here here
Ok well tyvm for a game that would seem great but tonight hit a all time low, I can't play with my friends anymore, not even against the A.I.. That was the only thing I had left.... now it's gone... I'm going to try a few different things that my bud saw on the EU forums and I pray this works.

hope all goes well
well I tried this as the EU Blue stated it still drops me with one thing I was unsure of, I know he said to shut off all my checksum but I wasn't quite sure if that meant my UDP and TCP for IPv4 and IPv6 as well.... but I did it as well and only lasted against my buddy 17:17 and dropped anyhow... so I'm going to turn it all back on and wait for some real answers.

I have windows 7 and I had to go to my device manager to find these options.

control panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager > Network adapters > right click it > Properties > advanced tab > for the checksums its under TCP/IP Offloading Options uncheck them all, and for the Tx and Rx it's under performance and then flow control, both the options will have a properties box that you must click to see the checksums and the Rx & Tx box.
so after my bud went to sleep I looked at this forum and am wondering if this will help, but I will have to wait till tomorrow for any answers.

I'm getting this same problem. So sick of it.
What helps though is this (it might not but just try):
1. Right click on the SC2 launcher you use
2. Go to properties
3. Go to the compatibility tab
4. Click on the 'run with a service pack' thing (click the checkbox too)
5. Choose 'Windows Vista'
6. Reboot your computer and your modem

**this might not help, it just helped me for a little bit.**

I would suggest the windows operating system you have not just vista less your running it.

I will see you our lovely little forum tomorrow.

and p.s. if you having any issues with the game like this I would advise you try the things I am just to see if it works for you.
04/03/2013 06:42 PMPosted by Ponji
Your analogy is a piss-poor

Your thought process is piss poor. You essentially said, " Because I havent had a problem before, I cant have it now.." Awesome! And having 20% packet loss and saying nothing is wrong??? Cool, blame Blizzard- its the easy thing to do...
And we officially have a troll, great....
Freaksauce just for the fun of it I'll put it to you like this, my car has never had a flat tire, and now I have a flat tire but I take it to the dealer and they said nothings wrong with it. Now that it's in your own metaphor do you now see or you just going to keep wasting our time with your little comments that have nothing to do with this thread at all?
Any how back to what matters, my post #55 I did that and now I was able to play one, ONE unranked game and now were back to dropping out of games again.... fml for stupid and it's been over a week, where are all the blues?
Can you post your latest pathpings, Nithilus?
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