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I had my set of builds for WoL but now I am kind of lost!

In WoL TvT I liked Thorzain's bio / tank and had a high Terran win rate. Also sometimes went early 3 base mech. I was looking at Yoda's reaper expand with widow mine drops but the guide stops after that and I have been getting beat a lot of HOTS TvT. My tank line style seems to be outdated. I watched some casts but it's hard to follow the builds. I prefer to watch them in game and pause / benchmark.

In WoL TvZ again I would marine / tank with a hellion opener. More focused on multiple drops at once. I think I have this match up down in HOTS because I found some of Flash's replays and made some benchmarks. So I am happy with my TvZ in HOTS right now.

In WoL TvP I used to use Bomber's build and was getting good at it with pretty good bio pressure.

I see Yoda is used as a good example again on GOSU for TvP with a widow mine drop open but I like to watch replays and benchmark upgrades and other sorts of stuff.

All the replays that are out are from WoL or Beta or on the Korean site. Does anyone have a good HOTS replay pack or source?

WoL was obviously more simple. I am not used to being able to have early reapers and not research siege mode. How many mines is a good number, mine placement, upgrades, timings, etc ... I hope Day[9] does a Terran HOTS special soon :)
Most of the new HotS builds revolve around Reaper FE into standard unit comps.

TvZ seems to lean towards reaper FE -> 4-6 reactor hellions -> MMMMine + multiprong drops with the new medivac boost, and the map control mines offer, although ultras are a pain in the !@# to deal with.

TvP you can sort of do Bomber FE but instead, you get the reaper (meaning you don't gasless expand) and sandwich an early widow mine in the middle (helps a lot vs early allins).

TvT I'm lost in atm.

BrentStarcraft provides a good, quick overview of HotS builds.

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