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[UPDATE 4-10-13] -- We are only looking for Top-8 Masters through GM

We are looking for down to Earth good people who love Starcraft 2 within the league bracket of Master-GM. We are mostly looking for Masters players right now. Sorry our lower league slots are full for plat-diamond.

We are about fun, good times, and clean competition. Unlike some communities we are more selective to recruit on personal attitude and in game professionalism than just based purely off of game skill because we hold a easy to follow "code of conduct" for our members. We feel that when members log in, they want to have an enjoyable experience.

What we offer:
-We have an official z33k.com tournament group that makes tournaments weekly.
- http://www.z33k.com/groups/chronicfacture

-We have a professional website that is activly used by our membership.
- http://www.chronicfacture.com

- Our top masters players always offer free training to members.

- We hold a competition A and B team. (creating new teams for HoTs).

- Our membership consists of geuinely good people with good intentions and hold professionalism that reflects the clans image well.

To join please fill out an application :
1. go to chronicfacture.com
2. click the 'recruitment' tab
3. Fill out an application and submit it.
4. We will review the application hopefully within 48 hours.
5. We will interview the applicants.
Please feel free to also reply to this post to ask questions, and I will try to answer them the best that I can. Thank you for considering us!
Applied :)
Awesome. I will check out the application on the website.
Your website is displaying " 403 Forbidden - nginx"
it should be working try again
Teh... I will help you tomorrow with creating an account. It wont take much for me to create it for you and give you the login info.
Looking for Masters only.
We have 5 slots for Masters available. If interested please go to the chronicfacture.com website and fill out an application under recruiting.
We now have 2 slots available for Masters.
applied on the website
Carnabas I dont see your application at all. Please contact me in game too. Nightphox.577
only a few more slots available. Top 8 Masters
Still looking for 2-3 Top 8 Masters.

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