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As part of my university media production assessments I had to create a blog, ive chosen to do it on Starcraft 2, Mainly on Heart of the Swarm. - The Baneling Nest

Come and take a look, give me some feedback, you might find a few interesting bits in amongst it all. Ive named it The baneling nest after my love of Zerg. The actual look of it is still a work in progress(ugly) but I'll be getting to that soon!

Leave me feedback on this forum post or on my blog.

Happy Hunting!
wrong forum for this
I like it! A lot of cool little interesting things in it and its just really cool.
Thanks for the kind words!

And yes i realized after I had posted the thread and was going through some of the others that i had put it in the wrong place =[ i wont be a spammer though!
Bump! Sorry, really want as many people to give me some constructive feeback as possible
Cheers =)
Shameless Bump

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