Starcraft 2 WOL Installation

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So, after my hard drive failing and me failing to have anything backed up, I have to go through the process of redownloading EVERYTHING. Starcraft 2 however, is proving challenging. After starting the download, everything goes just fine but after i finish the "setup" portion, i get a message saying "\Applications\StarCraft II\Updates\sc2-final.MPQ" now after going to the directed file and opening it i get an error message popping up saying i dont have a program selected to open it, now I've tried just about everything I have on the computer and cant get it to open. I've retried and restarted with no help. Does anyone happen to know WHAT I need to open it with? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I would just like to add, I too am having this problem and would like to know how to fix it
me too
Me too.

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