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"I like school... I actually want to do the work the kids in the grade above me are doing in Math, in fact. Though we should probably move this to Zanon's..."
Punts thread back on topic. "Sorry, blokes, I can't write worth a damn when I'm tired."
Shall we? Quoting and responding there...
From what I've seen, things got dragged off topic around page 2, and there's very little in the way of actual stuff on topic.
I feel like I wouldn't do Halo or Starcraft justice as they aren't where my heart and soul is. Lol why I can never cosplay.
Since somebody mentioned RP ideas, I figured that I would dig up a relatively recent list of them...


Some sort of Sci-Fi epic. (Space Opera esque)

Take the universe concept behind Leviathan (an alt steampunk WWI with advanced steam walkers and airships on the axis side (Clankers) and advanced bioengineered creatures on the allied side (Darwinists).) Take this and set it in a near future post apocalypse setting.

A Homestuck RP (SB's idea, not mine)

A fighter pilot RP

A non-war focused RP. Less fighting, and more interaction/sub-plots/development/relationships sort of thing. A more social RP.
(A lot like PKA, actually...)

A team of Dominion wranglers are tasked to hunt down potential but elusive psionics and bring them into the Ghost Academy.

Pre-SC2 conflict between the Dominion and Kel-Morian Combine and/or Umojan Protectorate.

An RP based around the Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Unvierse.

An RP about the Invasion of Aiur.

I.S.I.S, the Intergalactic Secret Intelligence Service (pronounced Isis), is a privately funded Terran paramilitary group. They swear no allegiance to anyone and they perform a variety of tasks based on contracts, be it from a government entity or from an individual. Whether it is a simple escort mission, intelligence gathering, or responding to a planet-wide riot, I.S.I.S agents are the best at what they do and they will fight at the right price.
Anyone interested in a Alien vs Predator rp?

Not really, but then again I'm not very familiar with either.
Guys, this needs to move to the bar. Or start a new thread as RP ideas.
Just started one lol we can move everything there.

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