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Indeed!! :D Im curious to see how they adapt Elder Scrolls into an MMO, because current game mechanics rely a lot on pausing mid battle, to select a spell, or drink a potion, etc.
I'm fully aware of the structural differences. It's like work places.

Also, they require you to put much thought into your characters. The minimum backstory you can have is three paragraphs. None of this, Hurr durr, his backstory is unknown.

It makes for much more awesome characters, though.
Thane, give me a link to the website. I need to think about what race and combat type I should make the person. XD

Or better yet... AI.
Well, the unknown thing varies from RP to RP. Just give us the link and we'll be the judge.
Posting it in bar :)

Keep in mind it is VERY different.

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