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"Speech pattern shows signs of addiction. Possible assimilation, unlikely, investigation required."

Oh gosh, please, not you too.
I may come, if you don't mind. Immediately guessed that everyone would be the Phantom upon reading, was correct.
Might change later if everyone is a phantom.
Hmmm.... Not sure if I should pick a Nest or a Phantom...

Edit: ehhh Phantom...
"Looks like everyone is going to die so far. Lack of variation, bad for force. Force shrivel. Force die."
Name: "Captain" Jack Roberts (Captain is a nickname)
Age: 24
Appearance/Armor Appearance:
Class: Phantom
Gear: R-1 Operations Rifle Mk. 2, combat knife (Serrated for extra damage, unless overruled), breaching charges, smoke grenades.
Backstory: It all goes back to when Jack was first using a sniper rifle... he popped 18 shots at 18 targets scattered around 4 blocks, of course he was at the highest point in those blocks. Jack was an amazing sniper, almost joining Dominion Special Ops. After an infiltration of a Dominion barracks and the slaughtering of everyone inside, he went on the run. He never knew he was psionic, at least slightly anyway, until he infiltrated a Dominion Ghost Academy. He was running through the facility and killing all in sight, until he found a psionics testing room... it was there he figured it out. After completely obliterating the place, he left in a stolen dropshop and was contacted by the Eagle Souls. Impressed with his precision and accuracy, the recruiters let him in. Finally at a job he would like...
"Discarded. Experience not allowed. Logic flawed."
I'll think about a Scavenger. Should probably read what they do first.
"Looks like everyone is going to die so far. Lack of variation, bad for force. Force shrivel. Force die."

I simply will not be able to tolerate this for much longer.
"My speech pattern is, between. Abathur speech pattern, assimilated, ShadowFury speech, varied."
"My speech pattern is, between. Abathur speech pattern, assimilated, ShadowFury speech, varied."

Your speech will literally make me ignore you if it is continued.
Mark, if we can handle it, you can.
Mark, if we can handle it, you can.

*Eye twitch*
Edit: I see it now... Note, read everything first.
Now for my new char then...

Name: James Sevren
Age: 24
Appearance: Short Dark Hair, Well built and tall, Black Armor
Class: Nest
Gear: B-7 Pulse Rifle, Grapple Claw, EMP Grenade
Backstory: James had a thing for engineering... a thing as in completely sucking. He was terrible, and only recently tried to take it up as a hobby. When he heard about the new advances in technology, that was when he tried to start anew. He built a prototype sentry bot that he had planned to sell when he noticed 3 Dominion Marines threatening a "Civilian" who was only armed with a rifle. He used his sentry bots to distract the Marines and rescued the "Civilian", unfortunately losing the sentry bot. The "Civilian" Then revealed that he was a recruiter for Eagle Souls and was going to be arrested for being part of a mercenary group. The recruiter said he was recruiting rookies to join the Eagle Souls, James eagerly replied with a yes, being glad to be out of a boring life...

Edit: Also, suppose this was Cortex, what base units would the char classes be?
"Not Cortex. If it were Cortex it would be: FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE: CORTEX PLANNING. Also, somewhat unsure. No combat experience, but at least a degree in engineering would be needed... It also just seems altogether odd..."
Name: Chris Hansen
Age: 24
Appearance: 6' even, shoulder length jet black hair, grey eyes
Class: Scavenger
Gear: O-23 Carbine, P-09 Semi-Automatic Pistol, Fragmentation Grenades
Backstory: He always enjoyed hunting, going on the odd yearly Zerg hunt and mostly small game. Of course that was accompanied with sighting in his rifle and pistol, but outside of that, he didn't shoot much. Chris had just finished a hunt on Mar Sara when the recruiter approached him. Seeing nothing to loose as he had no family to speak of, he agreed.
"Since the experience in actually fighting is minimum, accepted. It isn't like you walked into a Ghost academy and killed a bunch of class five or higher Psionics of elites and trainees."
XD Logic fail in that department.
As it seems this will actually take off I will start to work on a backstory :)

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