Silver to gold level casual player.

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I'm relatively new to sc2 and have been placed in the silver to gold ladders and am looking for a clan to play and hang out with and of course get better.

You should check us out at There are a bunch of players at your skill level and a bunch of players above you, so there would be a lot of players you could practice with. It sounds like we would be a good fit, because we don't require you to be on at certain times, do certain things, etc. We are just a group of players looking to ladder, play games, get better, etc. We do have tournaments and team wars, which we feel helps players improve as well.

Anyway, if you're interested in joining us, fill out the form under the "Join Tram Elite" tab at the website, or contact me in-game (Character code 651). Hope to talk to you soon!

Sound interesting, I will definitely check it out. Perhaps I'll see you in game soon.
Hey Calamity, check us out!

More info on the clan can be found on our website:

We are all about having fun and improving :) We recruit all skill levels.
Hey Calamity, if you're still looking for a clan, you can check Dark Onyx out! [DOx]

We hold practices Monday/Wednesday nights at 9pm EST, and usually have King of the Hill tournaments on friday nights ad 9pm EST

If you're interested, please apply on our website above, and if you have anymore questions please, send an email to:

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