[DiMND] Diamond Elite - Now Recruiting

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[DiMND] Diamond Elite - Now Recruiting

Diamond Elite is a casual competitive clan focusing on the StarCraft 2 community. Founded on the ideas of getting people with like interests together and discuss everything from basic strategy to competitive clan tournaments.

We are currently a newly found clan that is focusing on getting active members. Skill level does not matter, from Bronze to Masters, anyone is welcome. Our focus is to help you improve your game and climb the ladder one step at a time.

What I am looking for are members who are willing to help other out, a group of people who are willing to be practice partners for others and give advice on build orders. Eventually I would love for this to grow into a big community but lets start things off right by starting small.

Does this sound like anything you would be interested in? -- Contact me in game or on the forums.

RazorAce #368

Message me in-game (Character Code 651) if you get a chance.
Yeah no problem. Ill add you as soon as I get home.
I am new to starcraft. But i learn very quickly. Can i join your clan? my id is Kratos
Bump. :D
hey Razor, i would love to join your clan, i am not new to starcraft but i like the ideas your clan has and would love to be a part of it.
message me in game (Character code 579) when you have some spare time.

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