Increase Clan member cap to 200

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I'm sure there are other threads suggesting this, but this is a clear issue and needs to be addressed.

I run an online gaming Clan called The Confederation. We are at our member cap and growing ever in popularity. Veterans from Bnet 1 will recognize us as Op ConFed@USEast. We used to have hundreds of members, then things fell a part when Blizzard released their unfinished bnet 2.0 which had no Clan features. Years later we now have Clan features but are still limited in aggravating ways such as 100 member cap.

The Confederation wants to create a fun, stout, respectful and ACTIVE gaming environment for Bnet players all over the world, but we simply can not do that with a 100 member cap.

Sure, people can say "just create a group" A group is not the same. You don't have a tag next to your name, people can double Clan if they're using the group system. Most groups are full of trolls etc.

So please Blizzard, for the sake of your game which has declined in popularity and is struggling to be top 10 eSport in Korea, give us some slack and stop restricting your community from becoming even bigger!

Thank you.
Team Elite shares these thoughts. By increasing the member cap, you would be promoting a more active and fun experience for players.

Thanks for the post CrunChy.
Welcome! Keep up the fight we will win.
The more posts this topic gets the faster Blizzard won't hold us back anymore! Keep posting to keep this thread on top.
I would like to see Blizzard respond to this post.

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