Silver protoss player looking for clan (WoL)

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My name is SpitZ (or anthony), I am currently going to college to become a firefighter so my hours that i can play this quarter are early morning and late night PST, I am looking to become much better and climb up the ranking system.

Think that i look for,

English speaking
Have voice comms
a group that age range is generaly higher then 20+ (as im 25)

Thank you for all the respond ,

Yall have a great night, and gl in your ladder
We'd love to have you at Team Elite! Unfortunately, we don't require voice communications, because we don't make anything with our team mandatory. But, most of our guys use skype. We have an age range of 18 and up, with 3 or 4 exceptions, all of which are mature beyond their years and are respectful and friendly. In fact, one of them is one of our more active and better teammates. We have a bunch or players in college too, so you wouldn't be alone.

In any case, check us out at If it seems like a good fit, you can join by clicking the "Join Team Elite" tab on our website, emailing us at, or messaging me in-game (Character code 651).

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