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Hey guys, Im looking for a team that are people who are fairly competitive. Im a pretty big competitive gamer and have had some pretty decent accomplishments. I was top 10 WoW arena, and top 50 in the world in rockband (sooo unrelated) Im a pretty dedicated guy looking for some people to discuss strategy with and maybe play some fun tournaments/clan wars with. Right now im platinum and trying to work my way up.

Im East coast canada, I play around 8pm-12/1ish daily. Feel free to hit me up.

Hi kevin,

I'm not sure that we're a PERFECT fit, because we are a laid back team. You may be looking for a more competitive atmosphere, but you should look into joining us. We DO have competitive players, and some guys who are also looking to work up from Plat, as well as some guys that have already advanced beyond plat :)

In any case, check us out at teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com. We feel that we are unbeatable in terms of what we can offer our players. We give you big-team opportunities for team wars, coaching, Tournaments, practice partners, and team ladder games, but maintain a relatively small (50-55 players) membership that assures we maintain a friendly, team oriented atmosphere. We don't require anything of our team members, just that you are respectful to your teammates at all times. Because we accept all skill levels, you may be more suited for a Diamond/Masters only "clan" or something. However, check us out and see if it seems like a fit!

If you'd like to join, you can fill out the form on the "Join Team Elite" tab on our site, or contact me in-game (Character code 651). Hope to talk to you soon!
You can try looking at The Art of Warfare (taw.net), they can help you with gameplay, coaching, or just a place to socialize with other gamers. TAW is a good group of about 80 members ranging from Bronze to Master, all very friendly and quite active. We got a Teamspeak server and an actively-administered website/forum.

You can check out taw.net and see if we fit your style of gaming, or join in-game at our group "The Art of Warfare Community" in the in-game group finder. If we seem to fit you, head on over to taw.net and click on that big Join Now button up top !

We are one of the largest non-pro gaming community in the world, but our SCII team is decently sized and tight-knit. Check us out !

We hope you find us suitable, Kevin !
i want you just because of your rock band experience if you have ever lived in shared accommodation with a bunch of people your own age rock band can bring out the inner demons.
I'm a part of vansc we have everything you will need as a gamer; active helpful people, an awesome website which more importantly gets used a heap different teams for competition.
What we are after is people with this competitive drive to push each other in training and tournaments.
i should say also that we are a vancouver based clan but we have players from all around the world constently on if your anything like me and brining your werid wow gaming hours across to sc2.
if your interested have a look at vansc.ca
can you guys leave your game tag so I could message you ingame please or msg me ingame my code is 1298
sure thing actually...my code is 556 (TracyJackson)

we have plenty of folks in the east coast, so you should be fine finding people to play with on our play nights.
Thanks, I still have not selected any team yet. Will message some people when I am on later tonight

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