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Warhound is !@#$. Gimme Goliath
Dude where's the option to cut it back on? This was a hilarious prank!
Still think the Wisp for BC was the best but this was pretty good :D
Good one blizzard :C
I just like the idea of exploding overlords. +1 for that section.

Seconded. (Or, given that I got busy at work after opening this thread, possibly thirded or fourthed)

Blizzard, your forums just vomited something. I was posting my above reply on a totally different thread, how the heck did it get here?
all you do just kidding us, now Terran has no warhound is really difficult yo fight with protoss
If only "warhound was removed from the game" was an April fools joke.
I hate April Fools.

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