Which Mac i need?

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Not a support need, just asking for some advice.

I play the 3 Blizzard main games but i believe it's SC2 the one that squeezes the hardest the brains out of my computer so that's why i ask here.

I'm near to buy a new computer and obviously i want a Mac as i currently play in one. With the current available options online (with their configuration options available at the online store too) which Mac and how configured would i need to play the 3 games at their maximum graphics without harming my gaming experience?

I don't need to have more than Safari with a couple tabs and one game open at the same time. And i must say i won't buy a Mac Pro ...only iMacs and MacBooks Pro.

Any advice would be really nice.

Thanks in advance! :)
Just recently bought the new MBP with Retina display and made sure to get the 16 gigs of RAM and the best graphics card which was NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1024 MB. More than enough to run the games, but even on low graphics, my MBP gets very warm quickly. I'd say go for an iMac if you want to game with the best graphics. I heard MBPs were basically a heat sink to be able to take all the heating, but still, don't want to run the risk of burning out a graphics card or something else.
Guess that's what i'll do …would need to get an Air for my wife then first lol! Thanks for the reply!

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