Platinum Zerg Looking for clan !!

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Saigner #137
message in game or here ! :D
I might be in team diamond very soon too , just haven't played too many team games
I did placement matches only so far and competed against diamonds losing only once ?
So hopefully hahaha !

You would probably be a perfect fit for Team Elite. We have a bunch of players in gold, platinum, and diamond that would be a good resource for you. Check us out a If you' like to join, you can do this by clicking the "Join Us" tab on the website, or by contacting me in-game (Character code 651). Hope to talk to you soon!
ive tried adding you in game but i think that our time differences are clashing.
i would love to have you come join vansc ill try and catch you ingame hopefully soon if i dont can you have a look at for more information
Hey Saigner...

You can try looking into The Art of Warfare. We are part of a group of about 60 NA players who ranged from mid Bronze to High Master. We can def help you in your games with a few of our players who coach. We're friendly, respectful, and downright social in all aspects. We have a sorta "required" once-a-week meeting on a Tuesday night, but we know people have real life commitments, so that is actually flexible.

We got a Teamspeak server and a regularly-managed website. TAW is part of a 2400-members community, but the SCII unit is decently small and close-knit. We can be found at and our in-game group is The Art of Warfare Community.

So yeah, we have very sociable people and we always have at least a couple players on our TS channel at almost all hours of the day/night.

If we fit you, then hit that Join Now button and apply !!
Hey ! Thanks for the responses
I'll be in game tonight so hopefully I'll get in contact with one of you guys
And maddocks you're correct I'm in Ontario hahaha

But thanks again guys talk to you tonight !

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