cant play online? matchmaking errors?

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some how starcraft 2 has gone bad on me. i can't do matchmaking games any more, the system hangs and then says ERROR but has no error code.

it failed many times, then i was able to get a match making game going with a buddy. but i can't do it alone. also can't play ranked games.

sometimes it starts to "download item.." and the wheel spins, sometimes not.

also can't download content for open games in custom games.

somehow my online access to starcraft has gone kaput. i've tried on my laptop and had no luck.

i've read of others having these problems over the years, but can't find a solution. i tried clearing my dns something, but that doesn't seem to help.


Have you tried removing your Cache folder and seeing if this helps resolve your issues?
here same problem!

i removing chace that is helpful, but a profil dowloading still slow and sometimes freeze!

maybe i remove folder??!

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