Solis Gaming is now recruiting! All leagues!

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Solis Gaming is the SC2 section of a small, friendly community called TEZ, and now we're recuiting!

We're welcome to players of all leagues, from Bronze up to GM, and we already have a mix of skill in terms of active players. We practice fairly often, and usually hang out on Skype or in our dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server. We're not entirely serious, but we play a good amount and have a good time more often than not, and we have players from Masters right down to Bronze, so you'll never be left out. A microphone is not required for TeamSpeak but helps a lot!

So if you're looking for a friendly community to come and hang out with, this is the place! Information:

We're open to any league, but you must be at least slightly active (so at least play SC).
There is no age limit, but 16+ is most accepted.
We're just a bunch of people who like to have fun, so don't take things too seriously. However, most of us are willing to practice regularly and we coach from time to time for lower players.
We have roughly 10 active Starcraft members, but we're part of a larger community of around ~40, and we play DOTA, CoD and Minecraft as well!
We're looking to recruit on both NA AND EU servers!
We WILL be doing clan wars and in-house tournaments from time to time if you enjoy those things.
So if you're interested in joining and having a laugh, you can do one of a few things:

Contact us in game:
EU --> noX.1144
NA --> noX.106
EU --> jenny.369
NA --> jenny.759
EU --> VmY.498
NA --> VmY.755
Post on our sub-par forum! (=D):
Join the chat channel 'Solis Gaming' on either EU or NA server.
Directly join our TeamSpeak 3 channel and talk to us. The I.P is:, no password!
If you have any other questions, please contact one of us in-game and ask us! Thankyou for reading.

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