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yeah, like the title, currently have 805 points. Rank 7 in my division, looking for a clan that is competitive, with skilled people to practice with and play with. Tournies would be nice.

You may be more suited to join a more competitive clan, but check us out at teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com and see if it may be a good fit. We do have tourneys, an we do have guys who practice with each other. Although we are at about 55 players, we have a low masters membership. We can try to bring in more masters players if that's something you're interested in. We feel that eventually we will be the premier choice for players of all skill levels, based on what we offer our players and the atmosphere we maintain.

If you decide you'd like to join, that can be done by clicking the "Join Team Elite" tab on our website, e-mailing teamelitestarcraft@gmail.com, or by contacting me in-game (Character code 651).

Again, there is no doubt that we are NOT the best fit for you. We'd love to have you, though! Regardless, best of luck with the game!

We are looking for down to Earth good people who love Starcraft 2 within the league bracket of Master-GM. We are mostly looking for Masters players right now. Sorry our lower league slots are full for plat-diamond.

We are about fun, good times, and clean competition. Unlike some communities we are more selective to recruit on personal attitude and in game professionalism than just based purely off of game skill because we hold a easy to follow "code of conduct" for our members. We feel that when members log in, they want to have an enjoyable experience.

What we offer:
-We have an official z33k.com tournament group that makes tournaments weekly.
- http://www.z33k.com/groups/chronicfacture

-We have a professional website that is activly used by our membership.
- http://www.chronicfacture.com

- Our top masters players always offer free training to members.

- We hold a competition A and B team. (creating new teams for HoTs).

- Our membership consists of geuinely good people with good intentions and hold professionalism that reflects the clans image well.

To join please fill out an application :
1. go to chronicfacture.com
2. click the 'recruitment' tab
3. Fill out an application and submit it.
4. We will review the application hopefully within 48 hours.
5. We will interview the applicants.
You can try looking at The Art of Warfare (taw.net), they can help you with gameplay, coaching, or just a place to socialize with other gamers. TAW is a good group of about 80 members ranging from Bronze to Master, all very friendly and quite active. We got a Teamspeak server and an actively-administered website/forum.

You can check out taw.net and see if we fit your style of gaming, or join in-game at our group "The Art of Warfare Community" in the in-game group finder. If we seem to fit you, head on over to taw.net and click on that big Join Now button up top !

We are one of the largest non-pro gaming community in the world, but our SCII team is decently sized and tight-knit. Check us out !

We hope you find us suitable, Hamsandwich !
hey buddy. Check out ChaosFactors.net 10 years+ and still running. We're always looking for more players.
hey hamsandwish
I think i may have a clan suited for your needs, im from the clan vansc and we have established all the important foundations of our clan we now focusing on competing in team leagues and 1v1 comps like z33k and playhem. we have a bunch of players all around the same skill level that work to push and analysis each others games. i could copy and paste information but here is a link to our "official thread" on the sc2 forums, i recomend if your on the website having a look at the roster and forum's hopefully this is what your after :D


and our lovely website - vansc.ca

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