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Looking for a clan/ group I can practice with to hone my skills
Hi SixOne,

Check us out at teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com. We may be a good fit for you! We have a lot of guys in plat/diamond looking to improve as well. The website has more info about us than I could ever put in a post, but if you decide you'd like to join, you can fill out the form under the "Join Team Elite" tab on our site, email teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com, or message me in-game (Character code 651). Hope to talk to you soon! :)
You can try looking at The Art of Warfare (taw.net), they can help you with gameplay, coaching, or just a place to socialize with other gamers. TAW is a good group of about 80 members ranging from Bronze to Master, all very friendly and quite active. We got a Teamspeak server and an actively-administered website/forum.

You can check out taw.net and see if we fit your style of gaming, or join in-game at our group "The Art of Warfare Community" in the in-game group finder. If we seem to fit you, head on over to taw.net and click on that big Join Now button up top !

We are one of the largest non-pro gaming community in the world, but our SCII team is decently sized and tight-knit. Check us out !

We hope you find us suitable, SixOne !
if your after a community to help your progressively improve and polish your skills i recommend vansc.ca we have a heap of resources that will be able to help you improve. Im not sure what type of community you are after so here are our two main links with more information on our clan

Here is our forum post

Below is our lovely website

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