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Hello all. A-Click Mechanics is looking to recruit a masters Terran to help coach our diamonds and plats as well as participate in clan wars for the near future. We also need several more Protoss players as our representation is nil (Protoss seem a rare breed in hots). Ideally, we'd like a Masters Protoss and several diamond or high plat Protoss players to join the cause. We don't generally accept lower than plat unless you're a super-cool-gosu-boy. We are primarily AM and weekday players so we offer great practice and fun to those of us that cannot play late evenings. Further, we practice together quite regularly and have a grand time doing so. Application is quite simple, play our top guys, demonstrate your knowledge, and be willing to help our lower leagues. I'll be back on Monday Morning to respond to respond to anyone interested. Just leave your tag and I'll hit y'all up.


Plat #1
LiL #541
I am looking for a clan. Currently a platinum Toss. Looking for a team to join for clan wars and online tourney's. 1v1 is my play style and I hope you can get back to me. Feel free to add me in game and or email me. pbGLoudnoise@gmail.com or Loudnoise #463

Look forward to a response and hope to get in the loop and start competing and improving along with the team. Goal is to hit Diamond this season and then continue on from there.

Your time is appreciated,

Hey mates sorry for the delayed response. I've been away some as my wife and I are expecting our first born very soon. I sent requests to you both however I'd like to chat with you both and put you against a few of our players to gauge your skill. I'll be logged into SC for much of the day so feel free to message and you'll either play against me and receive some feedback or against one of my guys. We can discuss membership at this time as well as we're looking for player such as yourselves who are aiming to improve. Lastly, when you respond to my request, please provide an email address with which I can reach out outside of SC. This is not to spam you, just a way to keep the clan in touh and informed outside of SC.


High diamond Protoss~
KingTomsy#200 or #5189 I can not remember what exactly it is

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