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xiL Gaming is looking for a clan that would like to scrim with us skill range from plat to masters is acceptable, if anyone is interested reply to this or message me in game @ DtKing#982.

We can work out the details such as format , and time after we confirm the clan battle.
FeverClan's Team Viral Is Plat to GM They'd Probably Love to play!
Head to And Send a Private Message to BlazeMost As He Helps with clan wars and tourneys. and live streams
Hi dtKing. If you're interested in battling Team Elite, message me in-game (Character Code 651), or email E-mails are answered quickly, as many of our members have the account on their phone. Also, you could add me on skype to work out the details more quickly if you'd like, but I'll wait for an e-mail first. We would be able to stream, cast, or both, the games. Hope to talk to you soon! :)

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