Roll-2-Dodge --2--

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Raise a cult of the damned
Raise several frost wyrms as my steeds.
I attempt to acquire a tube of burn cream. For souls.
Rolled 4, success.

One Cult of the Damned, ready for action.

Rolled 3, grey area.

You succeed... but it's summer. The Frost Wyrms melt.

Rolled 6, critical success.

You buy some... and immediately realize how it could be better. You create your own recipe, and open a business selling soul burn cream. You make millions off of the souls Smylez was burning in Hellfire.
Send the cult to infiltrate and corrupt the so called pure and noble Lorians to my side.
My first attack will be against the Lich King and his army.
Send my neverending hordes of undead against the Lorians.
The Borg, unopposed, are redoubling their attacks. They are firing phasers from orbit.

Rolled 1 (-1 because of phaser bombardment), unbearable failure.

Your cult is annihilated. The other Olympians are displeased with your continuous failure. You are forced to abdicate the Throne of Death.

Rolled 4 (-1 because of phaser bombardment), grey area.

You engage, but things ain't lookin' good...

Rolled 3 (-1 because of phaser bombardment), failure.

Your forces are heavily demoralized by the Lorian forces.

Battle Results:

Zarkun and supaflyz' forces have both taken Terrible, Terrible Damage. They are Vulnerable.
Noooooooo! Send Kratos as a threat to Olympus to regain my title
Turn my attention to the Borg and return fire with the orbital defenses while offering the Lich King an alliance.
Give smylez a disapproving glare.
Laugh at the thought of an alliance and press on with the attack, the dead do not feel.
Rolled 1, critical failure (owch. Another of these and there may be intervention).

Kratos is not amused at the idea of serving your ends. He beats you up. You are Vulnerable.
You are Exiled. Aw.

Rolled 3, grey area.

You damage a borg ship, bringing them own to 50% life. But this provokes a focused bombardment on your position. -2 to next roll.

The Borg are at 50% life! They can only be damaged by fives or sixes.

Rolled 5, great success.

The force of your glance is immense.

Smylez must Roll-2-Dodge!
Rolled 3 (-1 because Vulnerable), failure.

The pain of Owlfeathers' disapproval is so great you are erased from existence. You are Exiled.

Rolled 5, great success.

The very sound of your evil laughter fills Zarkun and his troops with panic as you attack.

Zarkun must Roll-2-Dodge!
Rolled 2, failure.

Your imminent destruction is all but assured.
Why you dice gods are so cruel?
Calls in Templar and Priests to deal with Supaflyz and hides from the Borg.
Relish at the thought of corrupting these holy men and women.

Corrupt them all!
Because the Dice are our master. They decide who will go and who will stay.

Rolled 4 (-2 due to focused bombardment), failure.

The Templar and Priests are busy hiding like you.

Rolled 6, critical success.

You drive them from their holes and turn them to your side.
Annihilate the remnants of Zarkun's army with his former Priests and Templar whilst holding back my undead host.
Call more Templar and Priests to save the corrupted ones and deal with the undead.
I attempt to hack the Borg collective and concentrate the fire of their armada against supaflyz.

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