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Dang it KnarledOne. You are making me feel obligated to do this. That said, I entirely respect your circumstances.

My standardized rulings:

COUNTRY OWNERSHIP HAS BEEN RESET. Sorry, but too much happened under Zarkun's rain.
YOUR BONUSES HAVE BEEN RESET. Sorry about that +2 doge Dacder.

I am not KnarledOne, Therefor:
*1s will rarely kill you. Injuries abound though.
*1 + Injured => death.
*Airships, Spaceships, Cars, and Tanks do not need to roll to move around. HOWEVER, takeoff and landing for airships/spaceships DO need rolls.
*ASSASSINS- I do not like you. You receive a -2 if you send another in your stead, and -1 if you attempt it yourself. Success may reduce (or entirely eliminate) this penalty. This resets upon YOUR death.
**If I am feeling particularly mean I will send the bodyguards after you. They automatically have a -2 when attacking you since they are not player controlled. You can roll to doge them.
*The dice of power have ONE ability. It changes every time the dice change hands.
*KARMA- is given to nice people. Can be spent to make any other players positive (meaning no theft, assassination, attack, and the like) an instant Extreme Success. Only works once per point.

SO, to rolling.

6- Extreme success- You have a fine set of hidden blades, you are so happy, you try to make an outfit to match (6)- You look like a 'proper' assassin. You are Great.

4- Success- You are debt free.

1- You talk to a guy who knows a guy who has a friend who beats you up. You are Injured.

2- Failure- You failed to research burrow in time.

4- Success- First season goes over OK, but the fans could be happier.

3- Grey area- You must learn how to use magic first.

4- Success- You will live forever... assuming you continue to use the stone.

2- Failure- They were cut from the game to early. You are sad.

4- Success- It launches, but sustained minor damage. You engineers are working on it and should be done within the hour. No roll needed. You are Good.

*Sigh* 5- Great success- You are now the boss. Everyone comes to you with their problems.

6- Extreme success- Canada is yours, the people love you. You are Good.

6- Extreme success. You now have a purifier weapon. You are so happy you don't even care that you do not have a ship to put it on. You are Good.

3- Grey area- It is asleep.

1- Lethal failure- You stab yourself with a butterknife... somehow. You are Injured.
...And yet--- KnarledOne is out of reach... Perhaps it is because of peanut butter.

Kellyxix- 5

Mecha must Roll 2 Doge!
2- Mecha looses the dice to Kellyxix. Kellyxix is Great!

The dice begin to whisper in your ear. Secrets of probability and how to shape the events of the now through means you can barely comprehend. You can order a re-roll of any 3.
I attempt to make a zerg hive cluster
With me now ruling Canada, I have my R&D teams to work on a weapon of mass destruction, however I don't want them to test it.
4- Success- You get a Hive with plenty of drones and overlords. Even a spawning pool, but there is not a zergling in sight.

3- Grey Area- The scientists are upset by the very idea. Waving big bombs around is Russia and the U.S.A.'s job. Not Canada's.
My Interplanetary Domination Fleet prepare to conquer the sun of the Sol System! With me not on board of course. I don't want to die.
I attempt to construct a fleet of UCAVs.
2- Failure- The Imperial Flagship I.F.S. Warfield meets your Fleet in space combat high above sol. The fleet is no more.

5- Great Success- 20 Units of UCAVs are ready for flight.
To bad that was only a scouting fleet. I always have a backup plan... Remember, I have several Domination Fleets.

I hire a Jew as a Lawyer.
I attempt to use my Colony Ship to leave the Sol system, going anywhere BUT here, a sun, or a black hole.
I attempt to take over Djibouti, using the stone to turn all my enemies into gold.
I move to assassinate the man who killed my family.
I attempt to sue the man who injured me.

I attempt to get myself healed.
I attempt to mount the Purifier Weapon on a Mothership
I attempt to rest for a bit on the couch in the living room.
2- Failure- The lawyer sues you for racism and makes it stick... somehow. He must be good at his job. You are Vulnerable.

1- Lethal Failure- The current government objects. Forcibly. You are Injured.

6- Extreme Success, BUT FIRST! Is this person another forum poster or a figment?

4 (-1 Injured)- Grey area- You won, but your lawyer wasn't cheap. Not cheap at all.

Dacder (2)
4- Success- You are fine.

3- Grey area- You must construct additional pylons.

5- Great success- You fall asleep and wake well rested.
I attempt to create a time machine out of jelly doughnuts.
I attempt to see a doctor.

I also attempt to bribe the current head of state in becoming my puppet with a large amout of gold.
The murderer of your family tastes of the fine steel of your hidden blade. He has tasted nothing since.

5- Great Success- It's working! NOM NOM NOM

2- Failure- The doctor is nowhere to be found.
1- Lethal Failure- He doesn't like puppets. YOU ARE DEAD. Try and resurrect yourself or offer services to get resurrected by another.
I then form an apology for the Jewish Lawyer.

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