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I attempt to raise an anti-Borg fleet and give a glare to everyone on earth for not fighting the Borg
Since the realm of the underworld is on the realm of the living, the lich king technically has an unlimited supply of soldiers as the dead simply comes back to the world of the living in spirit or physical form.

So supaflyz should have like a continuous +1 to all of his roles right?

Someone should close the portal to the underworld.
Close the portal to the Underworld.
...But you are a death knight commander are you not?
So supaflyz should have like a continuous +1 to all of his roles right?

Please do! Me gusta mucho!
I zap supaflyz into oblivion.
This is my application when both KO and Zanon is out

Rolled a five, great success!
Your corrupted Priests and Templar descend upon Zarkun's army and the sight of fighting their former brethren is a shock.

Zarkun must Roll-2-Dodge
Rolls a 4, success!
Your army holds the line against the corrupted Priests and Templars. There is yet hope!

Rolled a 4
With the combine might of your army, Priests, and Templars, you drive away supaflyz's corrupted forces and capture some stragglers left behind. However, there is still quite a massive undead army at his heels...

Rolled a 1 FAILURE
Your pitiful attempt to hack the Borg's sophisticated A.I network results in massive retaliation by the Borg Armada as they force you out of their network, immediately pinpoint your location, and perceive you as a direct threat. They opt to bombard you instead. -1 to your next roll

Owlfeathers must Roll-2-Dodge!
Rolled a 1-1=0 MASSIVE FAILURE
The orbital bombardment is so powerful, not only are you dead, your very existence is erased. You are exiled.

6 Critical success
The portal closes and you feel great! All of the undead and dead are sent back to hell, leaving the Lich King supaflyz with nothing. +2 to all rolls.

Rolled a 1, FAILURE
As you sneak upon supaflyz who is agonizing over the sudden lost of his undead army (though he still has the priests and templars), you trip over a mountain of corpses and zap yourself to oblivion. You are vulnerable.
It would seem my roll was ignored.
Uh, this round counts?
I attempt to suggest that my last two rolls were suspiciously low.
The D6 DND online die roller does not lie. You got 2 1's in a row Owlfeathers.
so this counts?
I'm still calling BS. I had a R2D and a normal roll.
Ah, I see now. Gimme a moment.
I take a seat, and wait, knowing that I am undead and now forced to wait in the realm I was promoted at.
Reanimate flesh golems from the remaining dead body parts.
Rolled a 5
For your great work in restoring order (most of it), the gods of Olympus have offered you a position as regent of the underworld. They also offered you another chance to be alive with no strings attached and with +1 to your next roll. Choose.

Rolled a 5
You have your flesh golems. They're mean, nasty, large, and quite honesty, disgusting. Surely they will strike fear into any enemy?

Rolled a 3
Well, it isn't God's Holy Smite from the heavens but you did receive a holy hand grenade for your troubles. Whether it works or not, is another question.
I use God's Holy Smite to remove the remaining undead.
Accept the position as regent of the underworld.
I hold up a sigh, which reads

Summon me, I have cookies. Chocolate chip cookies.

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