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I throw the Holy Hand Grenade and pray it works.
The gods have granted you this wish. No roll required. Enjoy your new status!

Rolled a 6
The holy hand grenade lands in front of supaflyz and explodes in a brilliant spectacular light, evaporating the flesh golem that he recently raised instantly and purifying all of the corrupted templars and priests! You are great and your troops morale increased! +1 to your next roll.


supaflyz must Roll-2-Dodge!
Rolled a 5!
By the gods, the holy hand grenade is not enough to kill you. You stand before Zarkun's diminished army alone. The only sign of injury is a slight scratch across your chestplate. Are you a god?!
Cut down the purified men and women close by.
I take a seat on my new throne and wait for the dead to come in. While I wait, I attempt to bring Owlfeathers back.
Rolled a 1, FAILURE
Although you somehow manage to eat a holy hand grenade to the face, a divine weapon mind you, you are unable kill these mortal holy men around you. Are you truly a god? Their tenacity and determination for life surprises you greatly. Your will to fight has been shaken. You are vulnerable.

Rolled a 4!
It's going to take more than that to bring Owlfeather's back. However, the procedure is proceeding very smoothly and OF will return as long as there's no errors...
I use Excalibur to defeat supaflyz.
Take out Frostmourne and strike down Zarkun.
I swear, I'm not cheating. This die really loves supaflyz...

The Borg needs to refuel and rearm their orbital bombardment armaments after annihilating Owlfeathers with them. They will not act for the next 3 rolls.

Rolled a 4+1=5!
The righteous fury of Excalibur descends upon supaflyz's helm as he is distracted by the priests and templars.

supaflyz must r2d!
Rolls a 6!
The Lich King is indeed, the Lich King. Even in the heat of battle fighting against the elites of Zarkun's army, you instantly react to Zarkun's sneak attack. Your hungering blade clashes with the holy sword, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion that leaves only you and Zarkun standing for miles around.

Rolls a 6-1=5!
You lunge forward with your rune blade, aiming for Zarkun's chest.

Zarkun must r2d!
Rolls a 5!
Your sword does not break; it is able to withstand Frostmourne's immense power. You fight off the Lich King's attack and both of you are on even ground for now.
I attack again, striking for supaflyz chest.
Raise a bone shield.
Rolled a 2!
Your attack fails as the Lich King parries it and forces you to be on the defensive.

Rolled a 2!
You failed your evocation by laughing at an inopportune time. You've squandered your advantage over Zarkun by simply not killing him. This may be your costliest mistake.
I feel like the dice like to keep us on equal footing...

I attack again, using a blast of Holy might.
I attempt to killsteal Supaflyz by attacking him at the same time as Zarkun.
Send my sword towards the ground, resulting in a shockwave.
Send my sword towards the ground, resulting in a shockwave.

made out of ice?
Rolled a 1
It does nothing to supaflyz. In fact, the very moment it touches his body, it very essence becomes corrupted and heals supaflyz instead. The holy hand grenade didn't work so what did you expected?

Secondary effects: supaflyz's flesh wound from Yoshi is healed and supaflyz is fine.

Rolled a 2
You attack supaflyz but he sees you from a mile away. supaflyz simply steps out of harm's way.

Rolled a 3
You manage to create a small shockwave. It won't be life threatening though if it connects.

Zarkun must R2D
Rolled a 5
Not only do you roll out of the way, you get closer to supaflyz, allowing you to get in striking distance while his blade is still on the ground. +1 to your next roll.

Yoshi must R2D
Rolled a 4
You're alive and the shockwave misses you.

The Borgs are active once again for future rolls.
I strike for Supaflyz's head, intending to end the fight.
I pick up a Calamity Cannon and begin to charge the prototype Calamity Missiles, aiming at Supaflyz. (Bastion references FTW!)
I throw a Holy Baneling at supaflyz.
Laugh at their feeble attempts to harm me.

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