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CrymsonRaven rolls a 3!
Well, the element zero core is small and it's not enough to warp something in from the other end.

Human supaflyz rolls a 3!
You get behind Yoshi but a giant fence bars your way.

Lich King supaflyz rolls a 4!
Your wyrm fishes you out and holds you in place with its tail.

Jester rolled a 3!
Only the first action is allowed. You slice Sixel but it isn't going to be a fatal blow.

Sixel R2D with a 2!
Ouch, scratch the non-fatal blow. It's quite deep on your kneecap. Your are vulnerable.

Zanon rolls a 4!
You got a slighter bigger fish on top of the wyrm.

supaflyz r2d with a 5!
The wyrm flies out of the way and the fish is flopping aimlessly on the ground.

Zarkun rolls a 5!
You got a dragon barring your way but you maneuver through the dragon and your sword comes down on supaflyz.

supaflyz r2d with a 3!
The dragon moves you out of harms way but not before your left eye is grazed by Excalibur.

treetophunter rolls a 1
You got your mech suit except it is sentient and disobeys your orders. The AI decides to shoot you rather than fall into servitude. You are vulnerable.

KnarledOne rolls a 4
You shoot yourself in the head and you tether in Purgatory.
(Assuming my resurrection is finished)

I redirect my drone to fire its railgun at Lich King supaflyz, with rounds filled with holy water.
Jester never followed up on the action but w.e you're in.
Get a bigger Element Zero Core.
I attempt to start a newspaper entitled the Purgatory Gazette.
Kill Zarkun.

Stab Yoshi through the fence
Deliver a finishing blow.
Owlfeather rolls a 1!
Your drones, after seconds of abuse under your totalitarian rule, turns the railgun around shoot you with rounds filled with holy water. Holy water may discriminate but bullets sure don't. You are hit in the knee. You are vulnerable.

CrymsonRaven rolls a 4!
You got your eezo core. It's powering up! The first Reaper comes through. It announces that it is Sovereign.

KnarledOne rolls a 6!
Your newspaper is an instant success. Your named is renowned throughout Purgatory. Lost souls come to you for advice. You feel great that everything has gone so right.

Lich King supaflyz rolls a 6!
How does one kill Zarkun? Let me count the ways. The frost wyrm breathes in deeply and unleashes a devastating freezing breath attack on Zarkun's position, causing extremely cold weather phenomena to occur.

Secondary Effects: Winter has come and it a freak snowstorm has taken over the area. Mostly aesthetic. Mostly.

Zarkun r2d with a 3!
You cannot escape the range of the attack. The harrowing cold air instantly chills you to the core, frostbite is present on your extremities. You are very vulnerable. -1 to all roles.

Zarkun rolls a 3-1=2!
Oh dear, the cold has become quite the detriment to your ability to fight and it doesn't seem you will be moving anywhere soon. Not when you can barely feel your legs. Be very afraid. The Lich King's steed approaches in the winter storm.

Human supaflyz rolls a 4
You climb over the fence and stab Yoshi.

Yoshi r2d with a 2-1=1!
You are stabbed in the back. With the missiles blowing up in your face, it's a wonder if you survive an assassination attempt. The blood flows down your back and you feel cold, very cold as the cold steel leaves your body.
You are dying -2 to all rolls.
And then throw my new Calamity Shurikens at him.
Three 1s in a row O.o

I attempt to convince my drone that supaflyz really ought to get shot instead of me.
Attempt to kill Lich King Supaflyz with a bolt of dark energy.
Death grip Jester to me.

(Think Scorpion get over here!)
Summon a Dragon of Holy Might to destroy the Frost Wyrm.
I send a spirit to cover the battle between Zarkun and LKSupaflyz.
KO, what does that even mean? To cover for both of them?
Think in a newspaper sense, smylez. He's taking notes on the battle.
I'm running a newspaper, remember? I want someone to cover the battle.
This die is evil. Very evil. KO, you should take over.

Yoshi rolls a 4-2=2!
You didn't turn into a ninja and you actually stabbed yourself because you couldn't control your swing due to massive blood loss from before. You are dead. Jester would love your company.

Owlfeather rolls a 6-1=5!
The drone decides to obey after you unconditionally agree to raise their pay by 100000% and sign it with your own blood. The drone fires upon supaflyz's location

supaflyz r2d with a 3!
Your dragon shields you from the damage and takes the all of the shots but being the Greatest Frost Wyrm Ever means it is not down for the count. You feel vulnerable.

Jester rolls a 2!
Good lords! What are you doing hitting him with a bolt dark energy and one that strong? You just resupplied a good portion of his energy and health reserves. Are you on his side? -1 for stupidity.

supaflyz rolls a 5-1=4
It's coming for you Jester!

Jester r2d with a 6-1=5!
You fixed your mistake thankfully. With a mere stare, the death grip stops in its tracks and dissolves in front of you.

Zarkun rolls a 2-1=1!
In spite of the cold, you summon the dragon. The dragon of holy might appears through a portal but the wyrm immediately comes from above and bites down on the neck and forcibly pulls it out of the portal. The holy dragon attempts to stand up but the frost wyrm is already on top of it chomp down on its face. After a brief scuffle, the holy dragon's body is stilled on the ground and the frost wyrm's mouth is covered with fresh blood. Things are getting worse and worse.

KnarledOne rolls a 1+1=2
So, your reporter actually froze in the battlefield. Think about it.
I try again.
Point out that earlier I had a +2 to my rolls which has mysteriously disappeared. Request it back.

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