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I offer the Korean's a chance to join the fold on their own before utterly annihilating their armies.
I reincarnate as the.... MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!
Before I can "cure" anything, logic dictates that there must be people to cure. So I selflessly take revenge on, I mean Vouleenteer, Djibouti.
Rolled 1, lethal failure.

They nuke you. You have been incinerated.

You are Dead. Duh.

Rolled 1, lethal failure.

The current Master of the Universe objects. You have been Exiled.

Rolled 6, critical success.

Your test was unsuccessful. Everybody died... too bad.
As ruler of the underworld, I order Death to hunt down these individuals.

The first target is Zanon.
Feeling slightly guilty about unleahing WMDs on the wor-I mean failing to cure people. I attempt to give a hobo five dollars.
Rolled 2, failure.

Death was just assassinated by a guy named Zane. He's unavailable momentarily.

Rolled 5, success.

You feel like a great person now.
Do I still get to keep my 1 Karma that I received last thread?
And when do I use it, before or after rolling?
You may keep it.

You may use it before or after.
i attempt to switch the genders of everyone on this thread but me.
OOH, this should be interesting. I hope it succeeds...

Rolled 4, success... but you have to Dodge.

You unleash a geneder-bender spell.


EVERYONE must Roll-2-Dodge!

Rolled 3, grey area.

You become genderless.

Rolled 6, critical success.

Not only did you dodge, you were brought back from exile. You are Fine.

Rolled 2, failure.

You have been gender-bent.

Rolled 1, lethal failure.

You are now Lady of the Underworld... and Persephone becomes your Lord. Prepare for revenge, wife-beater.

Rolled 5, success.

You retain your gender.

Rolled ∞, DM immunity.

I am the DM. I do not get gender-bended.

Rolled 2, failure.

You have Gender-Bended yourself.
I attempt to resurrect myself in my former position and gender.
I try to use a Paradox device to make myself the head of the Illuminati. Changing history in the process.
I attempt to take my colony ship to another system other than the Sol System.
I attempt to turn Brandon into a dead gold coffee table.
I still wear the pants in this marriage that I took no part in.
Found an epic transparent die with a smaller die inside. This may modify the way things work.

Rolled 4a 1b,

You resurrect as ruler of CHina, but you are still genderless.

Rolled 6a 3b, critical success.

You are now the head of the Illuminati. Congrats.

Rolled 5a 4b, great success.

You get away from the Sol System... too bad you didn't specify where you are going. FOrtunately for you your b roll was good, so you wind up on a lush, survivable planet.

Rolled 3a 2b, grey area.

He is not dead and he's not a coffee table, he's just made of gold.

Rolled 4a 6b, success.

You assert your dominance over your husband Persephone.

Persephone mus Roll-2-Dodge!

Rolled 2a 3b, failure.

You do indeed wear the pants... and the Helm of Darkness.
I attempt to kill Zanon.
I make Persephone my "lady".
Attempts to regain my male gender then punt Brandon into a brick wall.

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